Apple iMac Touch patent switches from OS X to iOS

Swivelling machine is an iMac one minute, an iPad the next...

Could this be the 2011 iMac?

We’re no strangers to Apple’s many intriguing patents, but the newly leaked one pictured to the right, which was apparently filed on January 14th this year, has got us all a bit excited.

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The patent, called “Transitioning with modes of input,” details how Apple might bring touchscreen capabilities to the iMac in a way that no other all-in-one desktop manufacturers have yet thought of. The diagram shows how the new iMac would operate as its current counterparts do normally, but could then be swivelled down to lie almost flat in front of the user.

See the patent in more detail:
- Click to see Apple's iMac Touch patent

This would undoubtedly make touch input a lot easier than on the present breed of AIO touchscreen desktops, but things are made more exciting by the added detail that the iMac would sense that it was being used in touchscreen mode, and automatically switch from OS X to a version of the iPad and iPhone’s iOS operating system. An iMac and a giant iPad for the price of one? Yes please. Let us know what you think of Apple’s latest brainwave on the T3 Twitter feed.

Link: Via PatentlyApple