Apple iCloud opens virtual doors

Beta tag dropped ahead of forthcoming iOS 5 release

Users can peep new iCloud design now, but won’t be able to get in until iOS 5 and new version of OS X Lion are released later today.

Apple’s much-awaited iCloud service is no longer in beta, with the company preparing to open its virtual doors to all and sundry later today. Developers have been able to access the service for a few weeks, but the wait will soon be over for the masses.

To access iCloud, you’ll need iOS 5 or the latest version of OS X Lion, both of which are set to be released by Cupertino later today. The new service will allow you to store and access files on Apple’s servers and access them wherever you are.

The service has already garnered positive reaction from those who’ve had a chance to play with it. It offers far better and savvier integration than the creaking MobileMe, of which Steve Jobs was said to be extremely disappointed.

Will you be playing with iCloud today? Be sure ti tell us how you get on in the comments section.