Apple iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion launch: Live from WWDC

Follow the big announcements with our WWDC liveblog

The dust has finally settled on Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 and the tech giant has left us with three major products: the iCloud, a revamped iOS 5 and the Mac OS X Lion...

WWDC is the tech highlight of the calendar year for Apple fans and this year's keynote from San Francisco was by far one of the most exciting launches in recent years. In succession we saw the launch of iCloud, the huge overhaul iOS 5 and Apple's Mac update, Mac OS X Lion.

Steve Jobs went to the stage on Monday to announce details behind the long-awaited iCloud music storage/streaming service and take the wrapper off the iOS 5 operating system for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

Apple took the unusual step of confirming those two launches, as well as a full reveal of the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, before WWDC 2011, which leads many observers to believe that Jobs and co have a few surprise announcements up their sleeves.

There's very little suggestion that we'll see an iPhone 5 until later this year, while many observers are anticipating a slightly-tweaked iPhone 4S. We could also see a refreshed line of MacBook Air laptops with faster processors and Thunderbolt I/O tech. What other surprises could Apple have in store for us?

We'll be covering the announcements live from the launch in San Francisco from 6pm BST on Monday night, so bookmark this page and keep checking back throughout the weekend for the latest rumblings and pre-WWDC hype.

Here's what happened...


Just over five hours to go until Steve Jobs takes the stage in San Francisco. Reports from the States tell us that people began camping out at 11pm last night. Let the madness commence.


Just three hours to go, and it's all quiet on the West Coast front. The early announcements of iCloud and iOS 5 seems to have taken away some of the usual excitement away from proceedings. Surely Steve has a suprise or two up his sleeve for us come 6pm?


Just one hour until Steve Jobs takes the stage at the Moscone Centre in San Francsisco. Come on Steve!


At times like this we like to imagine him shadow-boxing and listening to Coldplay's Shiver to gee himself up. We know Steve likes a bit of Chris Martin.


The headline news from WWDC, is likely to be iCloud, here's 5 iCloud features we expect to see


The doors are about to open and the legions of press, developers and super-fans are ready to take their seats ahead of the main event.


Suggestion that there really could be "One more thing," from the Keynote. While there are several iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion banners posted all over the place, others are sheathed in black blankets. Interesting.


Here's those myseterious banners. We wonder what it could be: Banner


T3 Editor Luke Peters reckons that the secret banner is Time Capsule related. Rumours over the weekend suggested that our iCloud music will be stored on a new version of the Time Capsule back-up hardware rather than on Apple's servers. Follow Luke's tweets live from the event @t3dotcom on Twitter


Steve is set to take the stage any minute. Attendees have been instructed to "silence their devices" and James Brown's "I Feel Good" is blasting over the PA. Shades of Steve's famous "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" prank from a few years ago.


Luke Peters for @t3dotcom: Music stops. Crowd go silent. It''s... 'I feel good' by James Brown. Ripple of mirth...


A standing ovation for Jobs as he takes to the stage. He's been away from active duty for much of this year through illness so it's great to see him in his rightful place, making us whoop and holler in unison as he unleashes the latest piece of Apple goodness.


"Three things to talk about today," says Jobs. We're kicking this thing off with OS X 10.7 Lion.


Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about Lion, and he proudly announces that "the Mac is kicking ass" with 54m active users


A few stats: 73 per cent of Mac sales are notebooks and growth is up 28 per cent since last year. Mac growth has outpaced PC growth for the last 5 years.


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will have 250 new features and the first one to be discussed today will be multi-touch gestures.


We've already seen multi-touch gestures demoed when we got a sneak preview of the OS last year. Let's see something new!


We've got pinch to zoom and swiping being demoed here, and look here's a gander at full screen apps.


There are no scroll bars in Safari now as you don't need them anymore! You can just use the trackpad to move up and down the content. You can double tap to "smart zoom" just as in iOS. Also, you can swipe between tabs really easy. That particular feature draws "oohs" and "aaahs" from the packed house.


We're looking at full-screen apps now, and Photobooth in particular. There's a bunch of new features including dizzy birds around your heads.


Mission control (a multi window view across the entire screen) through multi-touch by swiping-up with three fingers.


"Multiple spaces" now included in Mission Control


"Next up, the Mac App Store..."


Luke Peters: "As one well-known journo sitting next to me quite rightly pointed out, Lion's gesture control is VERY Android-y"


A few stats from the Mac App Store being chucked about here, nothing of any real interest


Launchpad now. "No matter where you are in the system, just a simple pinch gesture will show you all of your availale apps," says Phil. This is a VERY iOS like feature


Resume now, "When you launch an Application in Lion it brings you right back where you were before you quit. It's system wide," says Phil. So if you close down Safari, it'll open eactly where you were next time.


Lion automatically saves in the background without you having to do anything. No more losing documents you've spent ages working on.


Versions saves every single version of the document that you're working on. Sort of how Time Machine has been doing for a long while now.


Luke Peters on Twitter: "Resume > simple but really effective. WWDC devs liked that one. Micro-whoops"


Craig Federighi has demo duties today. He's showing the crowd how Lion works with documents


Lion is looking pretty spectucular. Windows 8 is going to have to go some to keep up here.


The next feature we're going to see is called AirDrop. Sounds like a polite way to explain to your grandmother that she might have farted.


However, what it really is is a means of sharing files with other people around you over Wi-Fi. You'll be able to see other Mac users using AirDrop and just drop a file on their picture to sent it safely too them.



Apple is now showing off a brand-new Mail client for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. It'll have Gmail-style threaded conversations, it's calling "Conversation View." About time.


Yet more iOS inspiration here. This looks a helluva lot like the iPad version.


Conversation view strips out all of those pesky lines and times and dates that you don't need to see and just focuses on the actual lines of conversation. It looks awesome. A massive, massive improvement


For the first time ever, the full version of the OS will only be available on the Mac App Store, making it pretty darned simple to upgrade. The upgrade is about 4GB in size,


Just like Snow Leopard it'll just be $29.99. An insanely, insanely reasonable price for such an impressive new piece of software. It'll be available to customers in July, whereas developers can get their hands on it today.


Here's an overview of the main Lion features.


OK, so iOS 5 has been almost the ugly step child in the run up to this event. Why haven't people been talking about it? I'm well excited for this...


Scott Forstall is on the stage to talk about iOS. 200 million devices sold to date, world's most popular OS with 44 per cent market share and 25 million iPads bought in 4 months. Annnnnnnd *breath*. 30 million books sold on the iBook store, 14 BILLION apps downloaded from the App Store and 15 BILLION songs downloaded from iTunes. The figures from these events never fail to impress.


There'll be 10 new features discussed on stage today. Number one? Yep, you guessed it: Notifications are getting an overhaul. Woo and hoo.


Apple has pushed 100 billion Notifications, but customers wanted something different says Scott, so the company came up with the "Notifications Centre"


Proof that Lion will only cost $29.99


It seems that Apple has taken a leaf out of Android's book here with a pull down menu from the top of the display. It's a lot like Google's OS, but it's about a million times prettier


They'll appear on the lock screen too. Notifications for all of your apps, calls, messages, emails in one handy place. It looks great and is something iOS users have been crying out for since Apple first introduced the intrusive push notifications system


The next new feature is Newsstand, which looks to be a place where you can pick up all of your daily, weekly and monthy subscriptions in one place.


Luke Peters for @t3dotcom on Twitter: "Notifications Center: clever, but yet ANOTHER thing to check."


As heavily rumoured, new feature number three is Twitter. It's going to be hard-wired into the OS as Apple wants to make it easier for us to post to our accounts. Cheers.


Stepping back a touch, the Newsstand looks like a cross between the App Store and your iBooks shelf. All of your mags and papers will be stored there and issues will download in the background.


Back to Twitter, it'll be integrated into apps like Camera and Photo, enabling you to just hit a "Tweet" button and post it to your account. You can also easily tweet items from Safari and your current locations from the Maps app. Neat.


There'll also be contacts integration for the new Twitter functionality.


Next up is a new version of Safari for iOS 5, and there's a few nice new features to talk about here. Reading list is a way to save articles and read them later, Safari Reader enables you to just read the text and the images from a web article (removing all the clutter and also taking away pagination of websites)


Next up is a new version of Safari for iOS 5, and there's a few nice new features to talk about here. Reading list is a way to save articles and read them later, Safari Reader enables you to just read the text and the images from a web article (removing all the clutter and also taking away pagination of websites)


Tabbed browsing! We're seeing greasy, fast lightning speed tabbed browsing!


Luke Peters on Twitter for @t3dotcom: "New Safari reader browsing looks like a souped-up Instapaper. Ha! And there's 'Reading list' for offline reading. It IS Instapaper!"


The next feature is Reminders.


That will sync with your calendar naturally.


Next up is the Camera app. There's now a camera icon on the lock screen. That means you actually have a chance of catching that once-on-a-lifetime shot of the wind blowing up some girl's skirt.


Hooray! The volume up button is now a hard camera button!


Photos can now be edited directly on the device without the need for the Photoshop Express app, although it's not like this is a full editing suite, just the opportunity to make a few adjustments.


Creator of Instapaper on Twitter, following news that Safari on iOS 5 will have a read later button: "Shit." That's gotta sting.


Luke Peters on Twitter: "iOS 5 thoughts thus far? They've just put about a half a dozen app devs out of business."


The new version of mail includes Rich-text formatting, draggable addresses (from To: to Cc: or Bcc:),the opportunity to search the entire text of messages and the ability to flag up emails in your inbox. There's also a few security upgrades thanks to S/MINE integration.


Next up, it's PC Free. Apple is "cutting the cord"


What does that mean? Over the air software updates! No need to connect to iTunes any more. The new version of iOS won't download a full operating system, just the new features that have changed.


Luke Peters on Twitter: "Looks like the end of tethering. Icon with a massive pair of scissors cutting a cable just appeared on the Keynote. Geeks just went mental."


Apple is saying that iOS is now completely independent from your PC.


Next up is a look at Game Center. Apple is touting big numbers here and comparing the service to Xbox Live, but there's some serious spin for you. No-one is using Game Center, are they?


Nothing to see there really, just the chance to make friends and add photos.


But this, on the other hand is something to get very excited about. Feature 10? iMessage. This looks like BBM for iOS users. Sorry, RIM.


It'll support iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and will allow you to send text, video and pictures to fellow iOS users, complete with real-time typing and delivery notifications, message read receipts and the ability to switch a conversation from your iPhone to iPad and vise-versa


Soooo many new features, can't wait for this update to show up.


Unlike FaceTime, it'll work over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Nice


Can't help but imagine what the big bossmen at BlackBerry must be thinking now. Is anyone going to stick with RIM for the sake of BBM anymore?


Next up, your music will magically sync to your device from iTunes via Wi-Fi. Cutting the cord again here.


AirPlay Mirroring to your TV! You can get your entire iPad screen on your TV. That's pretty huge. Feel bad for those poor buggers who spend £30 on a HDMI cable and accessory now


Nooooo! We have to wait until "The fall" before we get iOS 5 and it's 200 new features. That's a whole summer away. No effin' fair.


Luke Peters on Twitter for @t3dotcom: "iOS 5 dev launch date today. For rest of world - "this fall". Right, so expect iPhone 5 "this fall"


Steve Jobs makes a triumphant return to the stage to talk about iCloud. Hold onto your hats, because it's now time for "the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain event of the evening."


Luke Peters for @t3dotcom on Twitter: "Ok, everything Steve is saying is pointing towards Apple redefining the home media server."


Steve: "Some people think the cloud is just a big disk in the sky... We think it's way more than that. iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your device. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices."


Jobs admits that "MobileMe wasn't our finest hour."


Contacts and calendars are now stored in the cloud and backed-up and synced to your other devices. A bit like how Google handles your contacts then?


It's the same story for your emails too.


"MobileMe was $99, iCloud is free."


Now if you buy any books or apps from Apple you'll be able to "download from the cloud" on any new devices you might also buy.


Come on, let's get to the music!


Pages in books will be bookmarked on iCloud too so you can read across devices. The Kindle app already does that.


If you get a new iPhone, all you have to do is enter a password and all of your applications, mail, contacts and (probably) media will by synced straight to the device


Automatic daily back-ups to iCloud over Wi-Fi


Three more iCloud infused apps to come, says Steve. The first is Documents. Any Pages docs will automatically be backed up to iCloud, a bit like Google Docs already does.


Luke Peters on Twitter for @t3dotcom: "Pages, Keynote and Numbers cloud syncing added to, err, iCloud. Looks like iOS only, though. No Lion here. Yet"


Demos of Keynote on iCloud. Come on, cut to the chase guys, no-one came to see this.


The second of the supposed big three iCloud features left to announce? API's for developers to get their teeth into.


Luke Peters on Twitter for @t3dotcom: "iCloud looking more impressive by the minute. Tech working for humans, no the other way around."


The final new feature (for now...) is Photo Stream, which'll give you access to all of your snaps wherever you go, on whatever iOS device.


iCloud will also upload all of your photos from iPhone if you're a Mac user of from your pictures file if you're a PC user


iCloud will store your last 1000 photos for you, rather than have them on your device using up crucial hard-drive space


PhotoStream will send your pics to Apple TV too


So now, when you take a photo using your iPhone, it'll instantly appear on your iPad too. If you want to keep it on there, just move it to an album.


Here we go. iTunes in iCloud.


"It's the same old story. I buy something on my iPhone and it's not on my other devices. I grab my iPod and I go to listen to that song and it ain't there," says Steve.


Automatic downloads across iOS devices! If you buy something on your iPhone, it'll be automatically downloaded to your iPad too, if you want it there.


For songs you've already bought, Apple has added a "purchase history" button which means you could easily download your purchases from down the years to your new iPod touch.


There'll be no extra cost for that, says Apple. Yeah you're damn right there'll be no extra cost for that.


Steve's back. He reckons that was "awesome." He says there are 9 apps that work with iCloud. Lets see... Contacts, Mail, Calendar, iTunes, Photo, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Developer APIs?


Developers will get a Beta today. The rest of us are going to have to wait until iOS 5, this fall.


T3 Magazine Editor Luke Peters on Twitter: "New music player in iOS 5 just popped up. CoverFlow for iPad would be good..."


"One more thing."


iOS 4.3 Beta version of iCloud is available today for everyone apparently...That's not the one more thing, though!


It's iTunes Match


Apple will scan your hard-drive for all of your music, make matches against the 18 million songs it has on iTunes and then allow you to stream them at 256kbps AAC DRM free. The ones it can't find on iTunes it'll upload for you to stream.


iTunes Match will cost just $24.99 a year and will allow you 20,000 songs.


Jobs is touting that this only takes minutes to set up, whereas Google and Amazon's services take weeks to upload all of your tunes


Steve now showing pictures of Apple's new eco-friendly (yeah right!) data-farm which will hold all of your iCloud data. He's very proud of it


T3's Luke Peters on Twitter: "iTunes Match pricing matrix just popped up but an enormous head got in my line of sight. Apols."


So, to sum-up... iCloud is much bigger than we'd even hoped. It'll back up your entire life on the cloud, you're entire photo library, your iOS documents, contacts and calendar dates. The iTunes Match service will justifyably take the headlines though. $25 a year, (which will probably be £25 a year for us) for all of your music on the go and no longer clogging up your hard-drive sounds pretty good to us.


RE: "19:54" post, that should read iTunes 4.3 for iOS Beta is here for everyone to try today.


One thing I didn't mention just there is that if you've got a bunch of crappy MP3s lying about on your PC, if you sign up to iTunes Match you'll automatically be able to listen to them at 256kbps. Nice


So that brings the evening to a close. There was no hardware on show today and no real surprises. The "One more thing" was actually what we had hoped was the headlining act anyway.


But three massive announcements from Apple, Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS 5 look hugely, hugely impressive and we can't wait to get our hands-on with those, while iCloud has the potential to change everything. We'll have much more on all of this in the coming days so thanks for joining us for the Liveblog this evening and stay tuned to for all of the reaction from WWDC 2011