Apple hires Activision and Nintendo UK PR execs

Speculations on Apple's gameplan with two new hires

Whatever is Apple upto now?

Rumours are rife that Apple has gotten its hands on not one, but two notable PR people of the gaming industry.

Last week, MCV reported that Robert Saunders, Nintendo UK's PR head will be leaving the post after seven years at the gaming company. He will depart from Nintendo at the end of April and will, according to reports, join Apple in a new role.

MCV said, "There is no confirmation from Apple or Saunders himself as yet, but MCV understands that he will be focused on PR for apps across the iPad, iPod and iPhone ranges."

Now reports say that Activision's Nick Grange is also making his way to Apple. Grange had stints at EA and Microsoft before joining Activision 4 years ago. Again, MCV says there is no official confirmation but they say he will be focusing on iPad hardware.

With these two appointments at Apple, could it be the Cupertino company will be directing their efforts towards capturing a slice of the gaming market?

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Via: MCV