Apple granted touchscreen patent after three years

Apple finally wins patent for iPhone touchscreen tech

Apple is granted patent for its original iPhone touchscreen, three years after application, but experts say it could allow the consumer electronics giant to bully its competitors

A patent related to Apple's capacitive touchscreen from the original iPhone has been granted to the company after three years.

The multitouch display patent gives Apple rights over it, which means other non-Apple touchscreen products may be in danger of copyright infringement.

However, for non-Apple products with similar touchscreen gestures, such as the Blackberry Torch 9800, to be sued, they would have had to copy the interface in its entirety.

TechRadar reports patent commenter and IP law blogger, Florian Mueller, as having said: "This patent covers a kind of functionality without which it will be hard to build a competitive smartphone. Unless this patent becomes invalidated, it would allow Apple to stifle innovation and bully competitors."

"The way to read a patent claim is that it's only infringed if the accused technology is implemented in its entirety - all of the characteristics must be matched," he added.

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Via: TechRadar