Apple, Google and Microsoft app decision is 'step forward'

Privacy agreement welcomed but not without warnings

With Apple and Google joining in a rare moment of agreement experts are wary as to whether this new privacy agreement will benefit users overall

Following the recent agreements by Google, Apple and Microsoft regarding the privacy policies of their app stores legal firm Pinsent Masons has come forward praising the move as a 'step forward'.

The decision in question means that each app will now have to come with a clear privacy policy and warning as to the kind of information the app will use.

Talking T3 Kathryn Wynn Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons has commended the companies for making the decision saying “This agreement is a positive step forward as it shows the industry is taking privacy seriously."

However she goes on to warn that the success of these changes can only be measured after two issues have been addressed.

"Firstly, how prominently will notices be displayed? If companies simply provide a link to a web page or a mass of text it won’t help consumers make informed decisions."

"Secondly, each notice will need to be specific to the individual app and how it operates, rather than generic and difficult to understand by consumers. It will be interesting to see the first notices and if they provide the information consumers feel they actually need to make informed choices about how their private information is being used and shared.”

With the changes taking place immediately do you think these will be enough to protect users from unwillingly sharing information via their apps? Let us know via Facebook.