Apple Game Centre: iPhone 3G locked out

But 2nd gen iPod touch set to be included

Cupertino reveals support for Xbox LIVE-baiting package.

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 3G will not support its new Game Centre offering when it lands as part of iOS 4.1 later today.

The two-year-old blower has been affected by slow performance since its bump to iOS 4 and as such will be the only Apple device which supports the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system not to get Game Centre.

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However, the 2nd generation iPod touch will play nice, despite Jobs and co telling devs recently that it too would be left in the cold. Just how snappy it will be on old hardware, however, remains to be seen.

Apple is hoping to gazump Xbox LIVE on the forthcoming Windows Phone7, a feature which will doubtless grab plenty of headlines when Microsoft’s mobile OS finally launches next month.

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Via MacRumors