Apple details MobileMe to iCloud transfer

Users set to be signed up for mid-level package

Automatic transfer to 20GB iCloud offering, before MobileMe shuts down next summer.

MobileMe users concerned about what will happen when Apple begins to make the transition to iCloud, look this way. Cupertino has confirmed that it will automatically transfer MobileMe users onto iCloud’s 20GB package without being charged straight away.

The 20GB offering, not including the 5GB of gratis storage Apple is set to hand over with every iCloud account, costs £14 in the UK. MobileMe users who get moved over won’t get a bill until 30 June 2012, when MobileMe officially shuts its virtual doors.

That deal is certainly decent, especially as users can choose to drop back to free iCloud usage and still keep their @me email addresses.

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Via MacRumors