Apple cracking down on US iPad 2s shipped to UK

US-bought iPad 2s bound for UK customers get cancelled

UK Apple fans having US iPad 2s shipped to Blighty are having their orders cancelled.

Some people are always willing to go to extremes to get their mitts on the latest bit of Apple tech - just yesterday we heard of US college student Amanda Foote flogging her spot in the Apple Store queue for 900 dollars. But cunning UK Apple fans looking to get a hold of the iPad 2 ahead of its UK launch on March 25th by having the tablet shipped from the States are reportedly getting shut down by Apple.

Apple has limited the amount of iPads per person to just two tablets, presumably to stop shady resellers buying up dozens of models and leaving genuine Apple devotees empty handed on launch day. However, when trying to ship even a single iPad 2 from the States, UK would-be customers are receiving the following message:

"Dear Apple Customer, thank you for your recent Apple order. We appreciate your interest in iPad 2. There is a limited quantity per customer for this product and your order has exceeded this limit. Your order has therefore been cancelled and you will not be charged. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

The Twitterverse is ablaze with UK early birds reporting the same curious auto-response to their orders. The message, which usually goes out to customers who try to order more than the two iPad limit, is apparently also being sent to UK customers trying to send their iPads to US-based companies that specialise in forwarding on items purchased in the US abroad.

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Source: T3 Tech videos