Apple could remotely 'kill' jailbroken iPhones

iPhone remote 'kill switch' as retaliation to jailbreakers

Cupertino has shown its displeasure at the 'legality' of jail breaking, by filing a patent.

Apple has been looking into technology which will be able to detect if a person has jailbroken their iPhone 4, and then, if neccessary take steps to prevent any further harm to the phone being done remotely.

Filed under the politically worded 'Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device', the patent is very clearly described by Apple to be a product that will be used to prevent the unlawful access of a persons sensative data by another individual. In Lehmans terms that essentially means if a person steals your iPhone, Apple can wipe it before the would be thief gets their mits on your bank numbers.

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The main problem everyone has with it however is the slightly more suspicious comments made further down in the patent application which lean towards the remote activities that Apple could get involved in.

"Thus, in some embodiments, an unauthorized user can be detected if it is determined that the electronic device is being jailbroken or unlocked."

Whilst it is perfectly legal to jailbreak your phone in the US, these technologies could be used elsewhere to remotely 'kill' an iPhone should a user be discovered as having tampered with his/her handset. This could involve remotely activating the camera, taking a picture then saving it to a server, wiping its memory or shutting the handset down completely.

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Link: Tech Radar