Apple confirms iMac replacement programme

Machines using 1TB Seagate hard drives affected

Apple contacting owners of new iMacs to offer replacement.

Apple has confirmed that a ‘small number’ of iMacs released between May and July this year have faulty hard drives. The 1TB Seagate disks are being replaced by Cupertino at no extra cost.

Users who are affected are being contacted by Apple if they registered their machines with a correct email address when first using the computer. Those who didn’t can check to see if their iMac is faulty by entering the serial number on the replacement programme’s page on the Apple website.

There’s no hurry to get this seen to, as Apple says it’ll replace any dodgy hard drive until 23 July next year. However, we’d suggest getting this sorted quick smart and ensuring everything’s backed-up, just in case the worst does happen and the HDD fails.

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Via Macworld