Apple 'education announcement' taking place today

New York based Apple event expected to see Apple unveil e-textbook plans

Apple's confirmed New York City based press event is to see an 'education announcement' made with e-textbook top of bookies lists to be unveiled

Apple’s officially confirmed ‘education announcement’ is to take place in New York City later today with the hazy unveiling expected to see the Cupertino company reveal an e-textbook store.

Having issued official invitations to members of the media Apple has offered little information on what to expect with the invite tantalisingly declaring "Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple.”

Since the CES 2012 interrupting invite was issued last week there has been much speculation as to the nature of the event with bookies top prediction being an e-textbook store. It is not expected that Apple will take this opportunity to officially out the much rumoured iPad 3 tablet.

Thanks to the friendlier east coast time difference the Apple education announcement will kick off around 3pm GMT with set to bring you all the latest breaking news.

Apple Education Announcement

Depicting the infamous New York City skyline integrated with the equally renowned Apple logo, the recently issued announcement invite offered precious little information around the nature of the event further than its educational tilt.

Whilst many eagerly await the official unveiling of the coveted iPad 3 and much mooted Apple iTV connected television sets, latest reports have suggested the NYC Apple event will instead focus on the future of iBooks and its role within the educational sector, an area Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was known to be keen to enter.

"He held meetings with major publishers about partnering with Apple," the recently released Walter Isaacson written biography said about Jobs. "If textbooks were given away free on iPads he thought the publishers could get around the state certification of textbooks. Mr. Jobs believed that states would struggle with a weak economy for at least a decade. “We can give them an opportunity to circumvent that whole process and save money,” he said."

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