Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak 'expects' Apple iTV release

Woz predicts Apple iTV release in the near future adding further fuel to the iTV fire

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the iPhone and Mac making Apple, has suggested he 'expects' to see the Cupertino outfit launch its own TVs this year

Apple co-founder and former technical mastermind Steve Wozniak has revealed he ‘expects’ to see a range of Apple branded internet connect television sets from the Cupertino based company in the near future.

Adding fuel to the ever growing fire of Apple iTV rumours Woz's latest comments come in the wake of reports Apple's current design wizard Jonathan Ive is currently putting the finishing touches to a 50-inch Apple iTV model.

"I do expect Apple to make an attempt [at launching its own TVs and television service]," said Apple co-founder and company expat Steve Wozniak in an interview with USA Today. "I expect the living room to remain a centre for family entertainment, and that touches on all areas of consumer products that Apple is already making."

Apple iTV Rumours

Long rumoured, reports of a potential Apple iTV release kicked into overdrive following the posthumous release of Steve Jobs’ biography in which the Apple co-founder and former CEO confided he had final ‘cracked’ the recipe of how to manufacturer and market a ground breaking new television and TV service.

Most recent reports have seen Apple tipped to bid for the streaming rights of the English Premier League as it looks to grow its global content appeal whilst a number of Apple iTV release date rumours have pegged the much mooted devices with a pre-Christmas 2012 arrival.

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Via: USA Today