Apple buys Chomp to assist iTunes redesign?

App discovery company bought for $50m

Apple's acquisition of Chomp could be the clearest sign yet that Apple is indeed working on an iTunes overhaul and that we could see a release soon

Apple has bought the app discovery service Chomp for $50 million. It's believed that purchase is part of Apple's ongoing efforts to prepare for an upcoming iTunes redesign this year.

The app discovery service is available for both Apple and Android however with the Apple buyout it's looking unlikely that Chomp will support Android's marketplace for much longer.

According to 9to6mac the top dogs at Chomp have already been integrated into Apple's workforce and are currently manning up teams which will be working on an upcoming iTunes redesign later this year.

"Our sources said Chomp CEO Ben Keighran and CTO Cathy Edwards are already working at Apple. Keighran joined the iTunes marketing team, and Edwards is now a senior iTunes engineer."

With Apple's App Store now soon reaching its 25 billionth download the company has apparently been looking for new ways to improve app discovery in a library that consists of over 500,000 apps.