Apple Battery Charger: power up your peripherals

New effort aims to keep Apple extras firing

Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse both aided by new efficient charger.

While the new iMac, Mac Pro and Cinema Display all caught the headlines yesterday, there was one addition to Apple’s lineup that was slipped in quietly. The new Apple Battery Charger, which juices up AA batteries via a simple wall socket.

Ok, it looks pretty unprepossessing, but the idea is simple. Extras like the new Magic Trackpad and the iMac-friendly Magic Mouse, both use AA batteries at a rate of knots. So this new effort juices up bundled batteries, all while cutting down on the amount of electricity used once they’re fully charged.

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It reduces power intake to 30MHz once the batteries are full, compared to an industry average of 315MHz. That’s pretty impressive. The batteries, six of which are included with the recharger, can last up to ten years and even retain 80 per cent of power when stashed away for a year.

It costs £25 on these shores. Yes, it’s steep, but if you’re an Apple fanatic and are rocking all those ‘magic’ extras, then this is worth your cash.

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