Apple Back to the Mac event set for 20 October

New MacBook Air and OSX 10.7 on the way?

Surprise gathering as rumour mill goes into overdrive.

Apple is set to hold a “Back to the Mac” event on 20 October, as Cupertino looks to shift the focus away from iOS and onto its killer computers.

The event, being held at Apple HQ in California, is already the subject of intense speculation. The invite shows an Apple logo with what appears to be a Lion behind it, suggesting a new edition of OSX is being primed to supersede Snow Leopard.

Recent chatter about a new version of the MacBook Air is also rife, as stocks of the slimline laptop have plummeted in recent weeks.

We’ll be bringing you all the news from the “Back to the Mac” event as it happens, so stay tuned here and to our Facebook and Twitter pages, for more.