Apple award best iPhone and iPad app designs

Apple Design Awards for Doodle Jump and Brushes

Flight Control and Twenty Minute Meals take ADA top honours but we all know its the T3 App chart that counts

Apple has stepped briefly away from the iPhone 4 excitement at WWDC this week to announce its winners of the best iPad and iPhone app designs in the Apple Design Awards.

There are 10 ADA winners in total ranging from the compulsively addictive Doodle Jump to the Financial Time’s informative and easy to navigate app, and from Jamie Oliver's Twenty Minute Meals to the artistic Brushes.

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Whilst every iPhone and iPad owner out there will undoubtedly have his or her own favourite and most used apps, Apple has sifted through the hundreds of thousands that now reside on the iTunes App Store to bring us their top 10.

Set apart by Apple for their “technical excellence, innovation, technology adoption, and quality”, the ADA winners also include Pinball HD, Star Walk for iPad and Articles, a Wikipedia based article organiser.

The agonisingly addictive Flight Control game, Real Racing, and Tab Toolkit for iPad were the over three apps to make the final, award-winning, cut. However, T3 reader's favourite Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown wars was omitted by the judges.

If you think Apple overlooked a top app or question the ten award winner’s worthiness then let us know via Twitter or Facebook. For more information on the top iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Nokia apps head on over to T3’s best apps App Chart.