Apple and Samsung return to German courts in patent case

Ongoing patent dispute between Samsung and Apple kicks off once again

The patent cases engulfing Samsung and Apple are once again underway with the two tech giants returning to German courts over 10 handsets

Samsung and Apple are once again set to duke in out in German courts with the patent lawyers called in as Apple seeks to have the Samsung Galaxy S II and a host of other devices banned from sale within the country.

Sparking the patent wars which were ablaze in 2011 the latest Apple vs. Samsung legal dispute will see the Cupertino based iPhone and iPad manufacturer attempt to halt sales of the Korean company’s flagship Android handset the Galaxy S II as well as the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and a fleet of Sammy branded tablets.

Accusing Samsung on infringing on its patented design rights on ten of its handsets Apple is to attempt to have the Samsung devices removed from stores with five unnamed tablets being attacked with issues "related to a September ruling banning the Galaxy 10.1,"

Apple vs. Samsung Patent Disputes

Waging a war between the two leaders of the tech industry the ongoing patent disputes have seen Apple and Samsung locked in legal filings across a number of countries and in relation to a flurry of different devices and claimed patent infringements.

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned from sales in Australia for a number of months before courts overruled the original decision the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was pulled from show floors at IFA 2011 just one day after being officially unveiled.

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Via: TechRadar