Apple and HTC call truce in patent dispute

Two years later and Apple and HTC sign 10-year licensing deal

Apple and HTC have finally put their differences aside and hugged it out in the form of a 10-year licensing deal which should see the end of patent wars between the two companies

Apple and HTC have finally agreed a truce after two years of legal battles in which HTC was accused of infringing patents surrounding Apple's iOS operating system.

The two companies settled with a 10-year licensing agreement which should mean it'll be a long time before we hear about any more court cases between the two.

In a statement issued on Apple's website, CEO Tim Cook reassured customers that Apple hadn't let this little incident distract the company from its focus on bringing new products to market.

“We are glad to have reached a settlement with HTC, we will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation."

Apple may have solved one dispute but it's still involved in several court cases with Samsung, the most recent of which saw the Californian company issue a public apology admitting that Samsung's tablets did not copy the design of the iPad.