Apple and Google CEOs hold patent talks

Tim Cook and Larry Page discuss patents after Apple’s patent lawsuit win

The CEOs of Apple and Google have discussed the wide-ranging patent issues between the two companies during a secret phone call. The news comes just a week after Apple won over $1 billion in a lawsuit with Samsung over the use of Google’s Android operating system in its Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Sources speaking to Reuters said that Tim Cook of Apple and Larry Page of Google spoke on the phone last week and that more meetings are lined up for the future. The pair had been scheduled to meet yesterday, 31 August, but the get together was postponed according to an insider.

Word is the pair have been discussing a truce in the bitter battle between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. There’s no news on how this would take shape and while they’ve agreed to keep lines of communication open, it seems unlikely a settlement will be reached any time soon.

Neither Apple or Google commented on the Reuters report.

Via Reuters

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