Apple 27-inch Cinema display to go on sale this week?

Specs details of new Apple monitor spotted

LED display tipped to be with us in the very near future

Apple could be preparing to ship its 27-inch Cinema display after details were spotted on its online store.

Announced along with the company's new Mac Pro, iMac and Magic Trackpad back in July, configuration pages on the Apple online store which have since been taken down, had been updated with information regarding the new monitor.

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The product description stated, "Supersize your view with the stunning 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display. It offers an incredible 2560-by-1440 resolution for viewing high-definition (HD) content with room to spare.”

It goes on to mention LED backlighting, a Mini DisplayPort cable, a built-in iSight camera, and a 49-speaker watt system amongst the notable new features.

The 27-inch Cinema display could be available as soon as this week, but we'll keep you posted as soon as it pops back up on the Apple online store.

Link: 9 to 5 Mac