Apple 'Find My iPhone' app launched

Remote app lets you locate your lost mobile

Find your phone and iPad with minimal fuss

Living in fear of losing your beloved iPhone or iPad? Fear no more, as Apple has just added the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to the App Store.

Simply install the free application on any other iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and, as if by magic, you’ll be able to track down your lost tech.

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To enjoy the app, you’ll need a MobileMe account - which costs £59 a year - but make the most of the 60 day trial and you’ll soon find the peace of mind worth the pennies.

You can also remotely lock your lost Apple gadget using ‘Find My iPhone’, or, if it’s beginning to look like a lost cause, you can delete all the data on it just to be on the safe side. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the app automatically signs your log-in details out too, so it’ll be ready and waiting for the next friend who drunkenly loses their iPhone after a night on the tiles.

Link: Apple (via Engadget)