Appcessories market to expand with dedicated stores

Exclusive: GEAR4 CEO Tom Dudderidge tells T3 appcessories will replace PC peripherals

In a T3 exclusive Tom Dudderidge, CEO and Founder of GEAR4 has suggested dedicated appcessory stores are on the horizon

Appcessories are to become a leading force in the gadget market with more companies pairing their latest tech with smartphone applications and launching dedicated shops, a leading industry expert has suggested.

In an exclusive interview with T3, Tom Dudderidge, Founder and CEO of accessories and audio specialist GEAR4 has claimed that the fledgling appcessories market is to grow so rapidly that entire stores will exists to flog the app enhanced wares.

“Retailers have asked us whether they will need twelve or eight feet of shelving for appcessories and we told them no, in the future every single shelf in this store will be full of appcessories,” Dudderidge told T3.

He added: “We think that apps and indeed appcessories will be the thing that replaces the standard PC peripherals business in what is fast becoming the post-PC era.”

Whilst Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have pioneered much of the appcessories industry to date Dudderidge insists that Google’s Android OS will catch up with the widespread Android following just as eager to capitalise on the emerging market.

“People often ask when appcessories will come to Android phones. These appcessories will come to Android but it will take a little longer simply because Apple did a great job of building an ecosystem and technologies that allow developers and manufacturers to do this.”

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