App week: T3 Appvent Calendar, iPlayer heading to US

Angry Birds Seasons and Google Reader comes to Android

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


T3 launches Appvent Calendar: £3,000 worth of Android apps to give away
Every day between now and Christmas day we're giving away a host of the best paid-for Android apps, with a different app taking centre stage each day. Learn how you can win now with the Appvent Calendar.

Angry Birds Seasons on Android, iPad and Android
Have a day off, Rovio, seriously. The most prolific app developers in the business have this week outed Angry Birds Seasons for Android and Apple iOS devices, combining the Halloween and Christmas offerings. Festive players will have to be patient, the Advent-themed edition will only allow you to play one level a day up until Christmas.

Samsung Smart TV apps top 1m downloads
It's not just mobile apps making headlines these days, Samsung's connected TV apps are also flying off the virtual shelves. There's only 200 available at present, but Samsung announced the millionth download this week. With Google TV heading to the UK in 2011, the revolution has well and truly begun.

iPlayer sets sail for the US with iPad subscription app
The BBC iPlayer will become available to ex-pats Stateside from 2011, with iPad owners getting the first shot. It won't the same free-to-air model as on home soil though, with paid subcriptions making up for the lack of a license fee. Read more about the iPlayer's journey west

App of the Week | Google Translate
The Google genii have created a phone tool which makes learning another language that little bit easier
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | Google Translate Review


Google Reader finally comes to Google Android
Has it really taken this long? Google Android owners can now download the tried and tested aggregator which has kept us up to date with the latest news from our favourite sites for years. Read the Google Reader review now.

Norbsoft SkyMap app takes on Google Skyview
Samsung Babd doesn't exactly have a great array of apps to choose one, but Wave owners have to get ahold of this one. The Norbsoft SkyMap app shows you thousands of stars as well as the planets of the solar system and other objects such as nebulae and galaxies. You can view anything from preselected observation points as well as use your handset’s GPS to get the inside track on the sky at your current location.

MathsBrain for Nokia Ovi
We've seen Brain Training on the Nintendo DS, well this is a similar concept for your Nokia smartphone and it's free to download too.The idea is that you solve the arithmetic problems you’re presented with as fast as possible. Read our review of MathsBrain for Nokia.

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