App Week: Infinity Blade 2, Spotify launches App Store

Plus: The latest reviews from the T3 App Chart

It's been a massive week for apps with Spotify launching an App Store, while the latest versions of Angry Birds Seasons and Infinity Blade have also arrived. We've also got the hottest new reviews from the T3 App Chart

iPhone App News: MovieGoer captures your post-movie excitement
There are plenty of apps around which offer cinema listings, trailers and reviews, but MovieGoer for iPhone adds a decidedly cooler element with its ability to capture your raw emotions as you leave the theatre. The app allows you to upload a 15 second movie review based on your instant impressions of the movie. The app also adds a social element, giving you the opportunity to follow your favourite cinemas and arrange screenings with friends.

Spotify App News: Music streaming service becomes a Platform
Spotify's much-anticipated new direction has seen the company add a host of integrated apps to its desktop streaming client. Among the first apps to hit the platform include The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Billboard, SongKick, TuneWiki and more. All apps are free and there'll be plenty more to come. You can try the new apps by dowloading a new Beta version of the client.

Android App News: Carrier IQ detector launched
This week's favourite tech furore is undoubtedly Carrier IQ's tracking software which seems to live on most of our smartphones. While the developers claim its simply another diagnostics tool, sceptics say it is reporting your every keystroke back to your network and manufacturer. An Android developer has released a tool detecting whether the software is running on your phone, but getting rid of it is a whole different ball-game.

Angry Birds App News: Wreck The Halls 'Seasons' update launched
Rovio has once again updated its incredibly-good-value Angry Birds Seasons app with a festive adventure entitled Wreck The Halls. Featuring 25 new levels, one for every day of the advent season. Rovio says the new update features "gingerbread cookies, bells, twinkling lights, and candy canes. On the last day you’ll meet the big pig himself… It’s going to be an egg-citing holiday season!"

iOS App News: Infinity Blade 2 launched for iPad and iPhone
Infinity Blade was one of the first games to showcase the true gaming and graphical prowess of the iPhone and now its back with a second iteration for iOS devices. Infinity Blade 2 for iPhone and iPad features 40 new locations and a host of new weapons and gruesome beasties. Those with the latest generation A5-equipped devices will see more graphical benefits also.


iPad App Review: AIrCassette
Sometimes the simplest, most pointless apps are the ones that bring about the most pleasure. That's why our review loved AirCassette for iPad. The app replaces your traditional music player with the much loved 80s music enabler. The app showcases the song currently playing, while the tape spools from one side to the other. utterly pointless, but totally sweet.

iPhone App Review: 4Eyes
This refined search app makes it easier to find exactly what you're looking for on the internet. The Google Seach functionality on iPad is great, but it's not that helpful if you're looking for items on a specific site. 4Eyes uses shorthand prefixes to find items faster. An 'a' before your request will search Amazon, while a 'del' will search Delicious. Read our 4Eyes for iPhone review

Windows Phone App Review: APOD Viewer 7 Pro
Another five-star Windows Phone app arrives as the platform closes in on the 50,000 app mark. This time its APOD Viewer 7 Pro, which brings the beauty of the nebular into the palm of your hand. The app brings a new picture of the galaxy to your phone every day and, according to our review, is a "cracking application if you’re slightly interested in the planets and stars… and still worth it if you want to see the odd pretty picture."