App Week: New Spotify for Android, Draw Something update

Google Currents comes to the UK, 'Instagram for video' app tops App Store charts

Big news from Spotify, Draw Something, Google Currents and the app dubbed 'Instagram for video,' plus the latest reviews from the T3 App Chart.

Spotify gets Android redesign, iPad app leaks
They're a busy bunch over at Spotify, this week the company announced a top-to-bottom redesign of its Android app. The new software, which is currently in Beta, introduces related artists for the first time on a mobile device. You can also see your friends' profile pages and playlists, while also debuting a new slide-out UI. Now if we could just get that Spotify for iPad app...

Google Currents arrives in the UK for Android and iOS
Flipboard rival, the Google Currents digital magazine, has crossed the Atlantic and is now available for UK iOS and Android users. The app brings in feeds from the likes of The Guardian, Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post, as well as news from your RSS feeds and Google+ profile, in a neatly designed package. Flipboard is T3's current App of the Year, so it'll hav to go ome to overhaul that.

Draw Something gets a noteable upgrade
In the first update since it was bought-out by Zynga, Draw Something now allows users to save their favourite doodles and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The newest version also allows users to undo their last move, rather than piddle about with the eraser. This week, the game's creator also commented on rumours that Draw Something could be turned into a TV show.

Instagram for video app tops App Store charts
With Facebook paying $1 billion for Instagram last week, any app that can claim the title 'Instagram for video' stands to make a good few quid. After racing to the top of the App Store charts, the free Viddy app for iPhone may be in the money. The app allows you to add effects and filters to 15 second video clips and share them with friends. It's Facebook Timeline app has added to its success.

Encyclopaedia Britannica iPhone/iPad subscription app
After 244-years in print, the Encyclopaedia Britannica told the world it would no longer publish a print edition. But like the old saying goes 'as one, rainforest-sized pulp-factory closes another....' We're actually not sure where we're going with that, but the good news is, you can now access the entire 32-volume publication on your iPhone or iPad for a £1.99 subscription fee.


iPhone App Review: Elmo's Monster Maker
Kid's sure do love, Elmo. That cute, fluffy red creature could steal a toddler's Easter egg stash, slap it across the face, nail it with a Macho Man Randy Savage top rope elbow and that toddler would still love him. Enter, Elmo's Monster Maker for iPhone. It's up to you and your young ones to create your own creatures. Fun, but expensive for what it is.

Android App Review: Aurasma Lite
The kings of Augmented Reality on smartphones, Aurasma, have unleashed a new app for Android, which delivers additional content, or 'auras' when you focus your phone's camera lens over an object or picture. Our reviewer says: "We love the idea of being able to walk anywhere, see a billboard with something interesting, point our phone at it and get all the information we want instantly. We’re still a long way from that, but the potential is there."

iPad App Review: Google Earth
This one's been around a while, but the Google Earth iPad app makes it easier than ever to fly around the world in seconds. "The iPad’s Multi-Touch interface is the perfect way to navigate the planet, allowing you to fluidly roll from one place to the next, pinching and swiping your way from one amazing place to the next," says our review.