App week: Sonic 4 Episode 2, BBM Music unveiled

Plus: Sky Sports News for Android review

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...

iPad app news: Flipboard branching out into TV and movies
The popular personalised iPad magazine Flipboard will add TV shows and movies to its repertoire. The social-based mag already brings in articles that your friends are reading as well as a host of your own favourite feeds in a constantly-updating attractive digital mag. Ebooks are also on the agenda as well as an iPhone app in the coming weeks.

Windows Phone app news: Skype video support for Mango phones
The new breed of Windows Phone handsets will come packing front-facing cameras and, by proxy, support for Skype video calling, Microsoft has revealed. The new Mango OS line-up is scheduled to be announced next week.

iPhone app news: Sonic 4 Episode 2 coming in 2012
Following a rather disappointing return to his old stomping ground, Sonic will return to the small screen next year with the second installment of Sonic 4. SEGA was criticised for rehashing old levels last year, so lets hope a little more thought has gone into this year's episode.

BlackBerry app news: QNX phones could support Android apps
We all know that the BlackBerry App World isn't exactly the most inspiring place to spend a Friday night, so news that the next generation of BlackBerry handsets, running the new QNX operating system, is likely to allow for Android apps to be ported over to the handsets. In saying that, RIM is yet to deliver on its promise to deliver an Android App Player for the PlayBook tablet.

BlackBerry app news: BBM Music unveiled
In a rare week of hot news in the BlackBerry apps column, RIM has unveiled a Spotify rival called BBM Music. The socially-based application gives you access to 50 tracks a month, for $4.99, which can then be shared with your BBM friends. That, potentially, gives BBM users access to thousands of tracks.


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iPad app review: Battlefield 2: Bad Company
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