App Week: Skype on Android, Spotify comes to WinMo

Plus Amazon plots Android store and T3 comes to iPad

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Skype is officially launched on Android
While beta versions of Skype Mobile have been knocking around on the Android Market for some time now, the official launch this week brings free Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G and WiFi to Google's operating system. You'll also be able to sync your skype contacts with your address book.

Spotify brings streaming joy to WinMo
Feeling left out, Windows Mobile users? Well now you can join Android, iPhone and Symbian users by listening to Spotify on your handset. Better yet, Windows Mobile 7 Series will boast a custom Spotify app built from the ground up to sing in harmony with the new OS.

T3 on the iPad, you say?
We're delighted to announce that T3's very own iPad Edition is coming soon. You'll be able to enjoy all of your favourite magazine features as well as host of interactive content such as exclusive videos and galleries. Register now to be among the first readers to download the iPad Edition.

Amazon takes on the Market
What precisely is Amazon up to? On Friday the company sent guidelines to potential app developers for its very own Android App Store. Is it plotting an Android-based Kindle tablet?

App of the Week | Skype
Skype, the daddy of VoIP calls, has long been the go-to choice for free video calls and is now on Android
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | Skype Review


Old is new again
It seems strange to be championing the release of Tetris on any platform, but the arrival of a game so addictive it makes Angry Birds seem like a two-minute wonder is news to celebrate for Android owners. Check out our review of the old Gameboy classic.

Snake is recued from the ruins of the 3210
What's this, retro week or something? The original mobile phone time killer Snake has arrived on the BlackBerry App World and it's as simple as ever. Worth the 79p for a trip down memory lane to when this was the most fun you could have with your phone?

Shot Shot Shoot!
No, it's not a Friday night drinking game, or a Britain's Binge Drinkers TV special, its a super-competitive multi-player iPad game in a ruthless battle of wits. Check out the Shot Shot Shoot review for iPad

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