App Week: Skyfire brings Flash to iPhone, FIFA on sale

Would you download an STD detector for iPhone?

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Skyfire is no Flash in the pan
The Flash video enabling Skyfire app for iPhone is proving a massive hit among iPhone owners who've previously been denied the essential Abobe plug in. Just a week after hitting the App Store it has already generated more than $1m for developers. A UK launch is pending Apple's approval.

EA Mobile games going for 59p
There's some pretty triumphant versions of EA's console games up for grabs on the iPhone and now Tiger, FIFA and Madden among others are on sale for just 59p. That's 80 per cent off the normal price. A nice weekend bargain indeed.

STD detector infecting your iPhone
iPhone owners who don't practice safe sex could avoid those embarrassing visits to the doctors by piddling on their prized smartphone. Read on to find out how STDs could be diagnosed by an iPhone app in years to come.

Windows Phone 7 owners get Google option
Fair play to Microsoft. The software giant has given new WP7 handset owners the chance to switch it up from Bing Search by launching a Google app for its new OS. It can even be pinned to the homescreen. How very sporting.

App of the Week | Boggle
Hasbro’s family-friendly boardgame Boggle makes the transition to iPad thanks to EA landing with style
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Android game to burst the App Store's bubble?
It's not too often we're heralding Android apps on the T3 App Chart, but this fun strategy game is certainly worth a shout out. The object of the game is pretty simple. Burst as many bubbles as you can in the least amount of turns possible. And it's free too. Check out Bubble Burst 2 for Android.

Bada finds the back of the net
The app for Samsung Bada phones like the Samsung Wave is one of the best for the platform so far, bringing users up to date with all the latest footy news and transfer rumours. Another free app that's definitely worth a gander.

It's Risk, but without the lawsuit
An app incarnation of the ultimate strategy board game is a most welcome addition to the Windows Mobile App Marketplace. The tactfully-named Risky Wars isn't cheap at £5.19, but for a spot of nostalgia it's pretty tempting.
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