App week: Sky News for iPad, US military wants war apps

Also: Google launches iOS app and Dead Space 2 wows

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Sky News comes to iPad, no messin'
Sky's iPhone app and Mobile TV iPad app are two of the finest available to UK iOS-lovers and now Sky News has launched a stand alone app with live video feeds, and on-demand streams from the top stories of the day. It's free for now, but non-Sky subscribers will have to fork out for it later in the year.

Google revamps iOS app
Up until now, iPhone and iPad owners have had to put up with basic old web search until now, but Google has now released a self-contained app for iOS, integrating Google Apps, account log-ins and easier access to refined searches. It's about time, and it's free.

US military to use smartphone apps.
We all love a good military strategy action on our smartphone from time-to-time, but now Uncle Sam wants to bring that to the real-life warzone by equipping soldiers with smartphone apps. There's a couple in development; one will control the video camera in drone planes, allowing for the easy spotting of 'accidental' civilian targets, while the other will use GPS to let grunts know what areas have already been hit when they enter a warzone.

Android to be 'best mobile gaming platform'?
A bold claim considering the wonders on offer in the App Store, but Sony Ericsson reckons the Xperia Play phone will turn Android into the place to be for mobile gaming. "We've worked very closely with Google and Android to make Android the best mobile gaming platform and really go beyond the competition,” says Sony Ericsson's UK marketing man Dave Hilton.

App makers help out Japan with cheap games
While we've had to put up with tasteless and tactless stories from some gadget sites about how the Japan disaster may hit component supplies and delay launches (give us a break) it's good to see some positive vibes coming from SEGA and Capcom who have dropped the price of apps like Sonic and Street Fighter to donate all the proceeds to the recovery effort.

Dead Space overhauls graphics for iPad 2
EA has served-up the first evidence of what the iPad 2's nine-fold graphics improvement can offer with the new iPad version of Dead Space. Already out in the US, it looks almost PS3-like. UK gamers will be able to get their hands on Dead Space for iPad 2 on launch day next Friday

App or the Week | Skype
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Windows 7 Radio apps rated
Our resident Windows Phone 7 app guru has been trying out the best third-party radio apps for the platform this week. Local FM Radio by-passes the OS's inability to connect with the frequency, netradio offers smooth, crackle-less sounds from the network, while Tiny Radio is a tiny bit crap.

Want Flash on your iPhone? Is it worth the hassle?
The Skyfire browser made headlines in recent months by giving iPhone owners access to the elusive Flash content that Apple hates so much. But our reviewer reckons it's more of a pain in the rear end than just firing up your laptop instead. Find out why Skyfire for iPhone isn't really the Flash superhero we all wanted it to be

Wicky Wicky Wicky...
DJ scratch is a new mixing app for Samsung Bada phones allowing you to mix your favourite tunes together with the type of finesse that made Grandmaster Flash a household name. Well, not really, but it's free and its cool. Check out our review of DJ Scratch for Samsung Bada

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