App Week: Shazam Player for IPhone, OnLive Desktop for iPad

Plus: Vimeo comes to Android and Windows Phone, PlayBook gets Android apps

This week's 'appenings have seen Shazam attempt to become your primary music player, while OnLive has brought Windows 7 to the iPad. Meanwhile, we've got all the latest reviews from the T3 App Chart.

iPad App News: OnLive launches Windows 7 desktop app
The wait for the OnLive gaming app goes on, but the company has made an appearance on Aople's tablet this week with the launch of the OnLive Desktop app for IPad. The app gives full access to a version of Windows 7, complete with Word, Excel and Powerpoint and 2GB of cloud storage. As desire for Word for iPad increases, this should tide you over nicely.

BlackBerry App News: PlayBook 2.0 brings Android apps
RIM took the wrappers off the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 at CES last week with the promise of native email and contacts applications and thousands of Android apps. The likes of Plants vs Zombies and Cut the Rope will land next month when the OS launches. Developers will need to run their apps through a program in order to make the Android apps compatible with the PlayBook, but is it too little too late?

iPhone App News: Shazam Player launches for iOS
Shazam wants to take over your iPhone's music player by adding a host of interactive features to improve your listening experience. The lyric sheet will play alongside your tracks, while it's easy to create playlists by highlighting good tracks and bad tracks. You can also go to the music video on YouTube or share tracks on Twitter and Facebook.

Android and Windows Phone App News: Vimeo launched
The high-end video creation and sharing tool Vimeo is now available for the Windows Phone and Android platforms, alongside a refresh for iOS devices, which includes an iPad-optimised release. The Vimeo for Windows Phone and Android versions will bring easy uploading in SD or HD, replace existing videos, edit titles and descriptions and also download videos to your camera phone.

iPad App News: Guardian trial period comes to an end
The party is over for us gleeful freeloaders who've been taking advantage of the three months of free access to Guardian's iPad Edition. The newspaper has now put up the paywall meaning we'll have to fork out £9.99 a month for access to the excellent tablet-optimised edition. New users will still get a free week before signing up.


Android App Review: SlideIt keyboard
Let's be honest? There aren't many Android keyboards that are truly satisfactory. Swype has provided a decent alternative and now SlideIt has followed that lead. It works in the same way, offers "decent" accuracy according to our reviewer, but could do with a bit of sprucing up. Check out our full SlideIt for Android review.

iPhone App Review: GIF SHOP
If you feel so inclined as to build a stop-motion animation on your iPhone then GIF SHOP is the app for you. You simply snap some frames using your iPhone's camera assisted by the neat layer interface, which shows a transparent image of the previous shot. Once you're done, the app will stitch it together and export it as an animated .gif file. Cue hilarity.

iPad App Review: Joining Hands
"Joining Hands has to be one of the most uneven games we’ve ever played," says our reviewer. "We sped through the first couple of level sets before the videogame equivalent of a stepped-on-rake rudely smashed us in the face, presenting a complex, tough puzzle." The idea is to help creatures join hands, so the bogeyman won't take them. Cute. Check out our Joining Hands for iPad review