App Week: Retina Display iPad apps, BBC to mimic iTunes

Plus: Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad and TED Mobile for Android reviewed

Developers have been furnishing the App Store with Retina Display enhanced iPad apps, but will they prove too large for the 16GB model? Meanwhile, the BBC is plotting a paid download portal

Apple lists Retina Display-friendly iPad apps, but will they be too large?
With the new Apple iPad now on sale, Apple has listed the apps which have been enhanced to suit the device's new Retina Display. Among the big-hitters are Infinity Blade 2, Tweetbot and Evertnote. However, news that the iMovie app is now five times larger than the previous version has let to fears that the 16GB iPad could only store a handful of storage-sapping apps.

BBC confirms iTunes-like paid download portal
This week, the BBC confirmed it is working on 'Project Barcelona,' which will let viewers download and keep TV shows almost instantly after they have aired on television. The scheme, which will undoubtedly be iOS compatible, will also open the archives to a host of classic BBC shows. The Corporation will put plans to the BBC Trust and independent producers later this year.

Marvel Comics announces Augmented Reality apps
The publisher of Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Avengers is launching a new app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets which will offer behind-the-scenes DVD-like extras to print comics. The Marvel AR app will enhance a series of interactive panels - around 8 per comic - with original production sketches and story background.

iPad App News: Sky Sports News becomes Sky Sports with added F1
Sky has updated its Sky Sports News app to bring live F1 streaming ahead of this weekend's Australian Grand Prix. The company has now renamed the app Sky Sports and will give viewers access to the F1 Race Control mode, which allows them to switch between a different array of cameras, from pitlane to on-board.

iPhone App News: Sparrow brings a better Gmail experience
The Gmail app for iPhone was, and is, an unmitigated disaster. Thankfully, Sparrow has launched a version of its successful Mac client for iPhone. The app is native to iOS, has notification centre support, threaded emails and a nifty gesture-based navigation system, throwing down the gauntlet for Google.


iPad App Review: Adobe Photoshop Touch
"Photoshop Touch is everything you could hope for, and more. Although not the complete version of Photoshop on a tablet that some might have wished for, its focus on photo editing and manipulation means it’s more than just a gimmicky effects app, and has some genuine practical functionality." - Find out why our reviewer is so enamoured with Adobe's prized asset's iPad app.

Android App Review: TED Mobile
After a long lead on iOS, the innovative and massively interesting TED Talks have made their way to the Android platform. The app brings over 900 8-minute conference-style presentations from the world's top thinkers and influencers and are the perfect antidote to Angry Birds-style time-killing. With a great, fluid interface to match the wonderful content, it's a real surprise that this Android app is free, but it is. Get on board today.

Windows Phone Review: Jet Car Stunts
The Xbox Live platform for Windows Phone hasn't taken off in the way Microsoft would have liked, but there's still the odd gem here and there. Jet Car Stunts is one of them. "Jet Car Stunts is one of our favourite cross platform titles, and it fits nicely into the bracket of ‘more costly on Windows Phone but as good as the iPhone version’ apps that we’re getting used to," says our reviewer.