App Week: OnLive for iPad, Flipboard comes to iPhone

Plus: FIFA 12 for iPhone review, Dr Who Encyclopedia for iPad rated

This week OnLive revolutionised the mobile gaming industry, while the App of the Year moved to iPhone. Google gave away a host of cheap apps and Instagram will soon be coming to Android

iPad/Android app news: OnLive brings console-quality gaming to tablets
And just like that, the gaming world changes. OnLive has brought its cloud-based platform to the iPad and Android tablets, meaning you'll be able full, console-quality titles on-the-go. 25 games, like the latest Assassins Creed Revelations and L.A. Noire have been optimised for touchscreens, while the full library of 200 titles will be playable once a £40 universal wireless controller is launched.

Android App News: Instagram will be coming to Android
The hit photo-sharing app for iPhone Instagram will finally get an Android iteration, as the company revealed it has two people working on building the app for Google's smartphone platform. The company did not reveal a launch date for Instagram for Android, but it expects to double its already considerable user base in one fell swoop.

iPhone App News: Flipboard comes to the iPhone
T3's App of the Year Flipboard has graduated from the iPad to smaller screen iOS devices with a new version tailored to the iPhone and iPod touch. Flipboard for iPhone features a new Cover Stories functionality, which brings all of your favourite sources onto the front page of the app. The small screen app also features a vertical page navigation UI, rather than horizontal.

Android App News: Google less top apps for 10p to celebrate landmark
Google announced its 10 billionth Android app download this week and a celebrate it offered a slew of premium apps for just 10p. Among those Google offered on the cheap were SoundHound, Endomondo, Tetris, Swiftkey X and Minecraft.

T3 AppVent Calendar: Free apps every day until Christmas
Every day until the 25th, T3 is giving away apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. All you have to do to be in with a chance of scooping a free download is tweet to win. For more details check out the T3 AppVent Calendar and get tweeting.


iPhone App Review: FIFA 12
EA's annual update is the undisputed king of footy sims for iOS devices and a notable step-up on last year's offering. While the graphics aren't quite as accurate as the console versions, players are recognisable and stadiums are grand. EA has also upped its game in terms of playability with a renewed control system. A worthy five star game. Read our FIFA 12 for IPhone review.

Android App Review: Hooked
Hooked is an app which recommends titles you may like, based on what already exists in your smartphone library, which is pretty handy as it means you don't have to spend hours searching through the dross in the Android Market to find new and worthwhile titles. Read our Hooked for Android review.

iPad App Review: Dr Who Encyclopedia
Since returning to our screens in 2005, Dr Who has proved to a phenomenon more powerful than ever before. Now you can access an entire encyclopedia on your iPad.The app is exhaustive and beautifully designed, however it can prove costly as purchasing information about each of the 9 doctors will cost you £4.99 and theres no clips from the show. Dr Who Encyclopedia for iPad.