App Week: Nike vs Adidas, GTA lands on iPad

Fitness apps reviewed, BlackBerry hits 10,000

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


GTA Chinatown Wars on iPad
There goes the neighbourhood. The popular mobile incarnaiton of the Rockstar franchise has landed on iPad with a new Independence FM station which allows you to play your own tunes while cruising around the mean streets of Liberty City. GTA Chinatown Wars HD is available for iPad now for £5.99

Free Wi-Fi everywhere from BT
BT launched an app this week that'll automatically connect BT Total Broadband subscribers to any of the 1.6m worldwide hot-spots, when they stumble across them. Free unlimited Wi-Fi for Android and iPhone sounds good to us

Champions League history and your pocket
While without UEFA backing, it's hard to imagine an offical app could be any more comprehensive than this. With a huge amount of data from all 19 Champions League seasons, it's a steal at £2.99 and a football trivial buff's wet dream. Check out the UCL All Time Stats for iPhone app.

BlackBerry app world tops 10,000
While Apple and Google won't be suffering from the squits just yet, developers are definitely getting on-board with BlackBerry's App World. New apps have grown 85 per cent in the last six months to help RIM's store past the 10,000 mark.

One giant leap for iPad
NASA has updated its iPhone app for the new Apple tablet to offer mission information, and videos and pictures from the Space Agency's vast library. NASA HD for iPad is available to download now

App of the Week | Adidas miCoach
If you’ve struggled for motivation when it comes to looking after your body, training just got a whole lot easier
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Angry Birds finds a new nest
Without doubt the biggest arrival in any app store this week is Angry Birds' debut on Android. The furious flying creatures have brought their trail of destruction to the Android market and if this beta version is anything to go by, we've got another smash hit on our hands

Adidas launches a free fitness app
Nike+ isn't the only runner in the iPhone app fitness race anymore, thanks to this brilliant and free Adidas miCoach application for Apple's smartphone. It's gone straight in at number one in our iPhone top 10 chart. Read the full Adidas miCoach review

Nike+ GPS
Speaking of Nike+ you didn't think it was going to led it's arch rival stomp all over its turf do you? Nike has issued an update to its all conquering app, adding GPS into the mix, so you won't need the sensor and the expensive trainers any more. Read the Nike+ GPS review for iPhone

Wordly for Windows
This Countdown-cum-Word Search game serves-up testing connundrums that Vorderman and Whitely would be proud of. Is Worldly one of the best games for Window Mobile yet?

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