App Week: MSN UK for iPad, new Star Wars app for Android

Plus: The best new Windows Phone, Android and iPad apps reviewed

In this week's round-up of the biggest app news, MSN UK has outed an iPad app, while Android owners will be able to transform themselves into a Sith Lord

iPad App News: PaperPort brings Dragon Dictation
PaperPort was already one of the App Store's finest note-taking apps but now it has a new little trick. Developers Nuance have added their Dragon Dictation software into the mix meaning you can now speak your notes into the iPad and see them appear as text. Perfect for lazy students and journalists alike.

Android App News: Turn yourself into Darth Maul
With Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace returning to cinemas in 3D next month, Lucasfilm have released a new app that allows Sith sympathisers to turn themselves a Jedi-killing devil-like creature with the Darth Maul Yourself app for Android. Just take a snapshot of yourself, choose the Maul face you'd like to adopt (you get to pick between evil and really evil) and then the app will do the rest. Just be thankful its not JarJar.

iPad App News: Are they getting too complicated?
Upon the launch of the MSN UK app for iPad, which brings the news service together in a neat application, the company's head of social media told T3 that some iPad apps are getting too complicated and do not allow users to enjoy the simplicity of the Apple tablet. “A lot of iPad apps have struck me lately as having too much complexity to them,” Darren Water said.

iPhone App News: Anti-fitness app rewards you for watching too much TV
If you're a proud couch potato and are sick of all of those incentive-based fitness apps telling you to burn more calories then the new Viggle app for iPhone is for you. You earn points by checking into TV shows and once you acquire enough points the company will send you vouchers from healthy eating establishments like Burger King. Have that, Nike+!

Android App News: Coders to launch rogue app store
The coders in charge of the CyanogenMOD custom ROMs for Android are planning to launch a house of ill repute for applications that break the Android Market's rules. That means console emulators would find a new home, as well as tethering apps that allow you to use your handset as a hotspot without paying excessive monthly fees.


Windows Phone Review: Sense the Color
We've all seen those mighty cool photos where everything is in black and white, apart from one object, like a football player or a car or a naked lady. Well Sense the Color for Windows Phone allows you to create your own artsy shot. Once you've taken the photo, the app turns it black and white and then allows you to easily select which bits are in colour.

Android App Review: Taptu
"News Aggregation just got a little more exciting," says our reviewer. "Taptu is a superb app and on which is brimming with widgets. Our galaxy Tab is now tattooed with many a Taptu widget – you can have one for each feed if you wish." Check out our full Taptu for Android review.

iPad App Review: Espagaluda II HD
Developers Cave say that this is the best shooter available on iOS devices and believes Espagaluda II HD for iPad is worth every penny of the hefty £9.99 asking price. Our reviewer reckons the studio might be right. This old school shoot 'em up will have you dodging more bullets than you could ever imagine.