App Week: Microsoft Office for iPad, Angry Birds Space revealed

Plus: Batman Arkham City for iPad and Spotify for Windows Phone reviewed

In another bumper week for App News, The Simpsons are coming to iOS, Angry Birds are planning to leave Earth, Spotify is enabling DJs and there's a big story on Office for iPad

iPad App News: OnLive Desktop Plus brings IE9 to iPad
OnLive continues to be among the finest innovators in the tech world and the new subscription-based version of its Windows 7 cloning app for iPad might be its finest work yet. The OnLive Desktop Plus app brings full access to Windows 7 on your iPads screen, including Microsoft Word. The new app adds a Flash-enabled IE9 into the mix, along with priority access to its gigabit internet service. It'll arrive in the UK soon.

iPhone App News: The Simpsons game confirmed
EA is preparing to launch what it thinks will be the hottest mobile gaming release of 2012. The Simpsons: Tapped Out for iOS will see you attempt to reconstruct Springfield in your own image after Homer destroyed it in a nuclear accident. Thankfully, no-one is dead and you'll unlock characters to help you along the way. Voice actors, writers and illustrators from the show are all on board.

App News: Angry Birds Space revealed
Those Angry Birds' hunt for their precious eggs goes extra terrestrial on March 23rd with the launch of Angry Birds Space. There are few details at the moment, but Rovio assures us of “a completely new game with innovative new gameplay, but with some of the familiar Angry Birds elements that fans already know and love – plus some surprises!”

iPad App News: MIcrosoft Office appears... or does it?
We got pretty excited on Monday when The Daily broke the news that it had played with a near-completed version of Microsoft Office for iPad. The suite contained Word, Office and Excel and was about to be submitted to the App Store, said the iPad-only newspaper. However, Microsoft has said the photo is a fake and refused to be drawn on when Office will appear.

BlackBerry App News: No Netflix app in the works
Long-suffering BlackBerry PlayBook users have been dealt another blow after learning that the Netflix video on demand service currently taking the UK by storm will not be appearing on the tablet, or any RIM smartphones for that matter. Responding to an expectant fan on Twitter, the company said it had no plans to embrace BlackBerry.

App News: Spotify adds gapless playback
Spotify made a lot of amateur DJs very happy this week by adding crossfading and gapless playback to the desktop client for Mac and PCs. The iTunes mimicking feature comes in especially handy if you're listening to mixes, live albums or classical music. For DJs, the cross-fading will allow you mimic the nightclub environment and create some floor-filling mixes of your own.


Windows Phone App Review: Spotify
Spotify reaches yet another platform with the addition of a neatly-designed Metro-style app for Windows Phone handsets. While its not quite as attractive as the iOS version, being able to pin playlists as a Live Tile is a neat addition, putting you just one click from your favorite tracks. Read our Spotify for Windows Phone review for the full verdict.

iPad App Review: Batman Arkham City Lockdown
The Caped Crusader returns to iOS, but while the graphics can be likened to the gritty Christopher Nolan movies, the fighting is more akin to the campy 1960s TV show, according to our reviewer. Taking on escaped maniacs from Arkham Asylum, Bats does some Infinity Blade style lashing-out against his foes. Our reviewer says: "It lacks the subtlety, elegance and finesse of Chair’s game, but there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in punching a henchman’s face with electrified Bat-gauntlets."

iPhone App Review: Capture - The Quick Video Camera
How many times have you whipped out your iPhone in the hope of capturing a magic moment on film, only to succumb to the fiddling about necessary to load up the camera app? Capture bypasses all that hassle by starting to record as soon as you hit the desktop app and only stopping when you hit the home button. Read our Capture for iPhone review.