App Week: LOVEFiLM for iPad, IMDb trivia for iPhone

Plus: Cut the Rope for Android update, 'Assistant' app to boss iPhone 5

Image 1 of 4 IMDb Trivia iPhone App
IMDb Trivia iPhone App
Image 2 of 4 IMDb Trivia iPhone App
IMDb Trivia iPhone App
Image 3 of 4 IMDb Trivia iPhone App
IMDb Trivia iPhone App
Image 4 of 4 IMDb Trivia iPhone App
IMDb Trivia iPhone App

It's been a busy week in app-land with LOVEFiLM making its way to the Apple iPad, Cut the Rope improving its Android wares, rumours of a game-changing iPhone 5 app and drama between Apple and Facebook. Plus, we have the best app reviews from the last week.

iPad app news: LOVEFiLM launches iPad app
Great news for iPad owners this week with the launch of an app for LOVEFiLM subscribers. The app will give you access to the entire on-demand streaming library and will allow you to buy films and TV shows to rent on an individual basis.

Android app news: Cut the Rope Toy Box Update lands
Hit physics-based puzzler Cut the Rope has updated its wares with 25 new levels and new game mechanics. The Cut the Rope Toy Box Update for Android brings the new levels already available on iOS and the opportunity to utilise trampolines to ensure Om Nom gets his beloved candy fix.

iPhone app news: IMDb launches trivia app
The IMDb app is an indispensible companion for all mobile platforms (especially when you're playing six steps to Kevin Bacon and need to cheat), but now the company is hoping to get in on the smartphone gaming craze by launching a standalone IMDb movie trivia app for iPhone. The app promises to test your movie and TV knowledge to the limit and will cost 69p. No sign of an Android or iPad version yet.

iPad app news: Shadowgun promises 'new era' for graphics
Third-person shooter Shadowgun for iOS made some pretty bold claims this week as it arrived on the App Store. The game, built using the Unity engine, promises to 'push the boundaries of what is possible graphically on mobile devices'. While the graphics may turn out to be something to behold, the plot is familiar. The corporations rule and you're a bounty hunter charged with hunting down a mad scientist who's been creating strange cyborgs and mutants.

iPhone app news: iPhone 5 to be headlined by Assistant app
The hottest new feature on the latest iPhone, set to be unveiled on October 4th, is likely to be a "system-wide" voice control system called Assistant. Reports this week claimed that the app will allow you to give the iPhone instructions to send emails, find directions, make appointments and much, much more. We'll be covering the event on Tuesday on our T3 iPhone 5 launch Liveblog.

iPad app news: Facebook delay caused by Apple rift
The long-awaited Facebook for iPad application the delays to its release are due to tension between Facebook and Apple. The company's aren't on the best of terms after Apple attempted to launch a rival Ping social network before the company's failed to agree a deal over iOS integration. Jeff Verkoeyen, who spent 8 months building the app and eventually left Facebook for Google because of his frustrations, reckons the iPad app has been ready since May.


iPad app review: Back to the Future Episodes 1-5
In a rare game that pays homage to a movie rather than smears its memory, the Back to the Future series for iPad will leave you feeling like you've experienced a genuine new chapter of the beloved movie franchise rather than feeling like you've somehow cheated on Marty and The Doc. The highlight could be Episode 5's chase between two Delorians with some overboard action thrown in for good measure.

iPhone app review: Garmin UK & Ireland
Garmin has brought its timeless fight to the death with TomTom to a new battleground by launching a rival Garmin for iPhone satnav app. It's £10 cheaper than TomTom's App Store offering, but according to our reviewer is less polished and lacks as much detail. The verdict? If you're used to Garmin, then buy this app.

Windows Phone 7 reviews: The Top 10
With the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango roll-out beginning this week, it's a good time to look at the best Windows Phone apps currently on offer from Microsoft's mobile OS. Topping the charts at the moment are Endomondo, IMDb, Fruit Ninja and VLC Play.