App Week: LOVEFiLM for Android, Spotify for Windows Phone

Plus: Philips offers iPhone battery aid, Kindle Fire Appstore fully stocked

Android fans are getting a LOVEFiLM app, but be prepared for a disappointment. Meanwhile, the Kindle Fire's app store will be brimming with top-name apps. Philips is also offering iPhone users some BatterySense.

Android App News: LOVEFiLM arrives on Android, but no streaming
After a successful debut on the iPad a few weeks back, movie rentals service LOVEFiLM has gravitated to the Android platform, but the app pales in comparison to the all-singing, all-dancing streaming service for Apple's tablet. The Android app does is allow you to modify your rental queue, view trailers and movie info but without streaming, it has to be considered a massive disappointment.

Windows Phone App News: Spotify finally arrives
The fledgling Windows Phone operating system buoyed by a recent 'Mango' update and the unveiling of the first Nokia phones, received a boost to its app ecosystem this week with the-long awaited launch of a Spotify app. Spotify for Windows Phone is perhaps the most attractive yet, but you'll still require a £9.99 a month Premium Subscription.

iPhone app news: Philips launches iPhone battery saver
Philips has offered a solution for iPhone users struggling with diminishing battery life. Although Apple now claims to have fixed the software bugs causing battery drain with a new software update, Philips BatterySense for iPhone will advise you on which settings you can alter to preserve battery life and will give you an estimate on how much time you have left to watch video, make calls, browse the internet and what-have-you.

Android App News: Kindle Fire to be stocked with top name apps
Amazon has announced its launch partners for the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which goes on-sale in the US next week. The Android-based tablet will give users access to premium apps like Netflix, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Words With Friends, Hulu Plus, ESPN and many more. In fact, Amazon says 'thousands of apps' will be available.

Android App News: iOnRoad Augmented Driving app
Here's one of the few ways using your smartphone while driving can actually make you safer. The iOnRoad Augmented Driving app for Android will advise on safe distances from the cars in front using your device's camera and the GPS settings on the phone, combined with a unique augmented reality display.


iPad App Review: Sky Go
With Sky Go set to arrive on Android in the near future, we felt it high time to bring you up to speed on the official verdict. Sky Go for iPad, which is standardised across iOS devices and PCs and laptops offers users access to the best of the satellite provider's offering over Wi-Fi or 3G. Meaning you never have to miss a minute of Premier League action ever again. Read our SkyGo for iPad review.

Android App Review: Iris (alpha)
Iris is the Android app looking to emulate Apple's Siri voice recognition service. Iris, which of course is Siri backwards, isn't quite on the same level as Apple's organise-your-life app, but apparently the voice recognition is pretty good and Iris will direct you to Wikipedia and co for the answers to your questions. Definitely worth a look. Check out our Iris for Android review.

iPhone App Review: Songify
Every wanted to autotune your every utterance to create a song of X-Factor cast-off quality? Well here's your answer. Our Songify for iPhone reviewer says: "And the brilliant bit is that it comes with a choice of three songs, and then you can buy even more tunes and, like, say some different words at them and make even more rad songs and play them really loud on the bus and stuff, or email it to everyone or share it on Facebook, or on Twitter but probably not because Twitter’s, like, for old people and that." Best avoid then.