App Week: iPlayer for iPhone, Infinity Blade 2 review

Plus: Sonic CD and GTA III bring retro console delights to the App Store

This week we saw the iPlayer finally launch on iPhone, while a pair of legendary console titles also found their way to the App Store. We've also got an Infinity Blade 2 review, so read on...

T3 AppVent Calendar: One week of free apps to go
This December T3 has continued its Christmas tradition of offering free apps for iOS and Android throughout the month of Advent. There's a week to go and behind every window is a free app. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is head over to the T3 AppVent Calendar and tweet to win.

iPhone App News: BBC iPlayer finally arrives and brings 3G streaming
At long last iPhone users can access the BBC iPlayer through a native app. Months after the launch of iPad and Android specific apps, the Beeb has added smaller iOS devices to its catalogue. This time it has brought the ability to stream shows over 3G, with that functionality also coming to iPad 3G owners.

iPad App News: Where is OnLive?
Ten days after its scheduled arrival on the App Store there's still no sign of the eagerly-awaited OnLive for iPad app. The appllication will bring console quality gaming streamed over the internet, when it eventually arrives, but for now it seems that it is being held up by Apple's notorious approvals process. OnLive doesn't know when it will go live, but until then, Android owners have a rather large gaming exclusive.

Android/iOS App News: GTA III ported onto small screen
Grand Theft Auto III has become the latest console classic to receive a rebirth on smartphones and tablets. GTA III for iPhone, iPad and Android arrives for just £2.99 on all stores and brings with it all of the glorious violence associated with Rockstar's top franchise.

iPad App News: iStopMotion brings animation to iPad
The iPad is beginning to come into its own as a vehicle for creation and the launch of the iStopMotion app for iPad does little to harm its growing reputation. The app allows you to create simple animation using the iPad's camera, and will also link up with the iPhone's camera with a companion app. Here's your chance to create your very own South Park-style cartoon.

iOS App News: Sonic CD spins onto App Store
It's been a good week for console classics, with Sonic CD also making waves on the App Store. The 1993 classic earns a relaunch as part of the blue hedgehog's 20th anniversary celebrations. Originally available on the Sega Mega CD console, this version of the game stands out for its inventive level design and the birth of the villainous metal Sonic.


iPhone App Review: Infinity Blade 2
Infinity Blade set new standards for iOS gaming when it launched alongside the iPhone 4 and now Chair's sumptuous slasher is back with a sequel. Infinity Blade 2 for iPhone and iPad brings the same delightful graphics, but with improved gameplay, new weapons and meaner enemies. But is that enough to warrant those hard-earned five stars? Read our Infinity Blade 2 for iOS review

Android App Review: World of Goo
"World Of Goo is the perfect example of how to make the most of a portable gaming experience," says our reviewer. World of Goo made a big splash on iOS devices and is set to do the same for Android. The aim is to build a piping system which will carry the charming globs of goo to the right place to enable you to complete the level. "Everything about this game is special," says our review. Read the rest of our World of Goo for Android review.

iPad app review: AntRaid HD
Another take on PopCap's Plants vs Zombies is this virtual "Ants vs Zombies" play-a-like. Your job, as a noble ant, is to fight back against the armies of ravenous, mutated insects who have identified you as their primary source of food. The title may be based on an existing idea, but it does well enough to earn five stars. Read our AntRaid HD for iPad review