App Week: iPhoto for iPad, Angry Birds Space release date

Plus: GarageBand and iMovie updates, Spotify wants to take over

The launch of the new Apple iPad was accompanied by some huge app news and we also learned when the next iteration of Angry Birds will hit our handsets. It's out of this world, too

iPad/iPhone App News: iPhoto lands, while iLife and iWork updated
Wednesday's new iPad launch brought a host of big news from Apple's own app studios. The iPhone and iPad now have a dedicated iPhoto app which brings editing, filters and a new journals feature. Meanwhile iWork has been optimised for the new Retina Display at no extra charge, while there's some pretty interesting new additions to the iMovie and GarageBand apps for iPad

Angry Birds Space release date revealed
After 700 million downloads what on Earth could be left for the Angry Birds to conquer? Well, nothing apparently because Rovio's finest are taking to outer space for an all new adventure launching on March 22nd. Angry Birds Space features all-new gameplay and promises 60 levels of interplanetary pig bashing.

iPad App News: Sky optimising Sports and F1 apps for new iPad
With the launch of the new Apple iPad now in the books, Sky is planning to optimise its range of apps to accommodate for the new 1080p Retina Display, including the soon-to-arrive dedicated multi-screen app with four-way mult-iscreen. While that's great news for iPad fanciers, Sky says it has no plans to offer the F1 app for Android tablets.

Spotify wants to become the 'OS of music'
Following the successful launch of its app platform late last year, Spotify says it's ready to take over digital music by becoming an OS for Music. The company has trumpet the success of apps like Moodagent, which is responsible for the creation of 3.5m playlists a week and SoundDrop which has seen users listen to 15m songs together.


iPhone App Review: Evi
This Siri rival garnered a lot of publicity recently, and with Siri still lacking knowledge of British attractions and indeed dialect, is there a gap in the market for a young pretender to step in? In practice, Evi's voice recognition tech is great, but search results are inconsistent despite being largely powered by the Yelp engine. "When everything works though, Evi can answer impressive questions that Siri won’t even touch. ‘What’s on TV right now?’ is no problem." says our reviewer. Definitely some potential here though.

Windows Phone Review: HTC Watch
If you own an HTC Windows Phone then this is the best way to rent and watch movies, according to our reviewer. "It’s a simple system that will have you renting or buying or movies easily and the breadth of titles on offer isn’t too bad already – it might not be rivaling the likes of Apple, but if you’re after a way to watch new vids, then this isn’t a bad way to start." Read our HTC Watch for Windows Phone review.

iPad App Review: Cubes vs Spheres
As armies of Cubes head towards you, your Spheres are charged with launching themselves forward to take them down. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? You have to stop three Cubes breaching your defenses. If you hold out, victory is rewarded with credits to buy new types of Sphere to keep the gameplay fresh. Definitely worth a look.