App Week: Instagram comes to Android, Draw Something landmark

Plus: Facebook goes Retina, Creepy stalking app pulled from App Store

During a bumper week for app news, Instagram has finally made an appearance on Android, while Facebook has upgraded its iPhone app. Draw Something has also bettered Angry Birds.

Instagram for Android is finally here
It seems like we've been writing about Instagram for Android in this column for weeks now, but the wait is finally over, with the free app now available to download from the Google Play Store. The filter-happy app soon racked-up over a million downloads, with the company now valued at a whopping $500m (around £300m).

Wikipedia for iPhone and Android ditches Google Maps
After, quite literally, dominating the landscape for years, Google Maps is falling out of favour with a host of top tech companies. The latest to abandon it for OpenStreetMaps is Wikipedia, which is using the open source solution for its nearby view feature within its Android and iOS apps.

Draw Something beats Angry Birds Space
On its way to hitting 50 million downloads in the first 50 days on sale, the Pictionary-like Draw Something app has done something many thought was impossible. It has outsold Angry Birds Space in the paid App Store charts. The app has generated over six billion drawings since its launch on Android, iPhone and Facebook. That's over 3,000 drawings per second. Wow.

Girls Around Me app pulled from App Store
An application which used data from public Foursquare and Facebook to allow users to track the check-ins of random users has been voluntarily pulled from the App Store following a massive backlash. The Girls Around Me app for iPhone, which was marketed as a means of picking up women, showed the locations of unsuspecting victims on a live map.

Facebook for iPad gets Retina Display update
Facebook has joined the list of companies which have upgraded their iPad app to fit the tablet's new-and-improved Retina Display. The upgrade means better resolution photos and high definition video. The update also fixes a few bugs, which have earned the app mixed reviews since its launch last year. However, there's no Timeline Profiles as yet.


iPad App Review: Draw Something
There's no doubting the most popular app of 2012 so far. Draw Something has proved nothing short of a phenomenon on iOS, Android and Facebook with its Pictionary-esque gameplay. "You can create the scrawlings of a madman, screech random words at the top of your lungs, and sulk when nobody guesses that your blob-shaped sketch is actually meant to be a panda," says our reviewer.

iPhone App Review: DriveGain+
In this testing era of ever-rising fuel prices, any means of saving a couple of pennies per gallon on your daily commute is worth a try, which is why our ears pricked when we heard about DriveGain+ for iPhone. The app claims to help you drive more efficiently by suggesting which gear you should be in and offering feedback on how smooth your driving really is. But just how good is it?

Android App Review: Cartoon Camera
While this simple app is unlikely to win any awards or trouble the likes of Instagram, Cartoon Camera for Android is still a neat little post-production tool that can give your snaps a cartoon-like hue. Among the manipulation options are obligatory sepia, cartoon, white strokes, dark strokes and coloured edges. Definitely worth a try.