App week: iMovie and GarageBand for iPad 2

Plus: Photoshop for Android reviewed

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


iMovie and GarageBand enter the tablet realm
Let's start with the biggest news of the week. The new apps for the iPad 2 almost upstaged the new tablet itself. iMovie moves over from iPhone, bringing full-screen, fingertip, 720p HD video editing to your new device. GarageBand serves up the legendary Mac music creation tool with on-screen instruments that response to the sensitivity of your touch. The apps will arrive with the iPad 2 on March 11th, stateside.

BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS
Strange one this. On one hand, BBM is an incredibly popular IM service that keeps millions of RIM users in touch, but if it stops being BlackBerry exclusive, will users continue to buy RIM devices if they can get their BBM fix on more attractive Android and iOS platforms? Reports on the port are yet to be confirmed, but this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

BBC iPlayer international app priced
Ex-pats rejoice! The long-awaited international edition of the iPlayer is coming this year and it won't break the bank. The app will cost less than $10 USD a month and for that you'll also be able to access the app on your iPad as well as your laptop. This is great news, unless you'

Twitter gets an iOS refresh
A couple of weeks ago Twitter updated its Android app and now it's the turn of the iOS counterparts. The refresh makes it easier to upload photos, share links and gain location-based trends on your iPhone and iPad. The update is free to download and its available from the app store now.

App of the Day | Cut the Rope HD
A true competitor to Angry Birds’ title of addictive app supreme, and a well thought-out, simple gaming app
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Photoshop Express comes to Android
Historically, Android cameras aren't the finest aspect of Google phones, so it's great to see the world's favourite tinkering software arrive on the platform. According to our five star review Photoshop "can seriously perk up even the worst photos, giving oomph to the most lacklustre of images." Download it.

F**k My Life comes to WP7
Is there anything that brightens a dreary day like reading about someone else's misfortune? Now you can do it on your Windows Phone 7 handset with the ingenious FML application. We're sure you've all visited the site, but if not, this is the type of content you can expect: "Today is my birthday. I woke up to a text message from my boyfriend, breaking up with me. When I commented on his impeccably bad timing, he admitted he'd forgotten it was my birthday. FML." See, there's always someone worse off than you.

Rugby Kicks
Its Six Nations season and England are whooping some Welsh and French ass so what better time to get some kicking practice in on your Samsung Bada handset? Using this app, you can make Johnny Wilkinson look like an amateur. Samsung Bada is going great guns on the gaming front at the moment. Now, surely it's time for Samsung to give the OS a little more love.

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