App week: Huge Google Goggles and Translate updates

First Direct's real banking app, Shazam-Spotify link

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Google Tanslate now speaks back to you
Google is undeniably leading the way in cool apps for its own Android platform and they don't come much cooler than this. Translate has now had an upgrade that will repeat your English back to you in Spanish (or the other way around). Just speak into the mic and seconds later you've ordered two beers without having to say "Two-o beer-io por favor".

Google Goggles now a sudoku Grandmaster
What a whopper of a week it's been for Google in the apps department. Its see-all, picture-based search app can now solve sudoku puzzles just by scanning the grid and filling in the blanks. Any chance of an assist with tonight's Lottery numbers?

First Direct app for transfers and payments
Banking apps are usually only good for one thing; Checking stuff. So if you're out of pennies and need to get home you're pretty much screwed. Now you can use the First Direct app to move money between accounts, make payments and transfer cash. It's the first UK banking app to replicate some of the key advantages of online banking.

Shazam and Spotify team-up
We love it when two tech giants collide in the name of awesomeness and that's exactly what has happened with Shazam and Spotify. The music-tagging service will now give you the option to listen to the full track on Spotify, if you're a premium subscriber. Bravo, Sirs.

App of the Week | Reckless Racing HD
Throwing gamers back to the vintage, PlayStation One, days of Micro Machines, EA once again hits top form
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No PlayStation phone yet, but the app is here
The world expects a PlayStation phone at MWC, but until then we've reviewed the nifty Official PlayStation Android app. It allows you to check on your trophies and also view a trailer for every game on the network. There's all the news from all your favourite Sony consoles.

New Google Goggles reviewed
Above we mentioned the new iteration of Google Goggles which allows you to solve sudoku puzzles. Read how it works in our full review and also learn about some of the other upgrades to Google's marvelous visual search app for Android

Plants vs Zombies: One for the archives
Just because there's a host of new apps available for the iPhone each week, doesn't mean we have to overlook some of the classics that were around before the days of the App Chart. Enter Plants vs Zombies. If you don't have it yet, then you really should read on and see what all the fuss is about.

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