App Week: Google Voice on iPhone, Foursquare for Nokia

Foursquare Nokia review, Retro Camera for Android rated

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Google Voice finally given the nod for iPhone?
A saga which has gone on longer than Ken Barlow's stint in Corrie might finally be approaching the endgame. Cupertino insiders claim that Apple has finally done the decent thing and is about to give the green light for the rival cheap calls and messaging platform to launch on the App Store. About time too. Official Google Voice app for iPhone approved?

Snap Cowell, snag cash
What a lovely world we live in, eh? The new iPap app for iPhone presents celebrity stalkers with an opportunity to earn cash for their sightings. Just email the candid picture over and ISO Images will give you half of the proceeds from whatever grotty rag they sell it to.

1 million of them and they're all angry
The Android OS has officially had more Angry Birds than Darren Day, after the Beta version of the game surpassed a million downloads. If you haven't got it yet, what are you waiting for? Angry Birds hits 1m Android landmark

Conquer real lands Napoleon-style
Here's an interesting app to round up the week. Xboxers across the world are eagerly anticipating Fable III, but this new Kingmaker app will give gamers the chance to get a headstart. Use the GPS on your iPhone or Android to plant a flag for your side, with the gold earned as reward being carried over into the real game. Nice synergy there, guys. Check out the Fable III Kingmaker app for iPhone and Android

App of the Week | Foursquare for Nokia
The ultimate social stalking app makes it to the Ovi Store
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Ovi Store Apps | Foursquare for Nokia review


A retro hit for Android
To be fair to a lot of Android phones, the cameras aren't exactly the reason people are rushing out to buy, so those underwhelming lenses often need all the help they can get. This 5-star retro camera app solves many of the ills by serving up some great effects. Retro Camera for Android review

Be there or be Foursquare
The Ovi Store has certainly upped its game in recent weeks with another big-hitter arriving in the shape of socially-based location aid Foursquare arriving on the platform. Does it live up to the iPhone and Android versions?

Healthy Recipes from your friends at the Beeb
Direct from BBC Good Food magazine, comes a healthy living app packed full of every recipes. Your Samsung Bada phone has never been better for you. Check out our review of the Good Food Healthy Recipes app

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