App week: Google Transit Navigation, Sky Go for iPhone

Plus: Lara Croft for iPhone review, Bing adds Lassoo

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...

Android app news: Google Transit Navigation arrives
Owners of Android handsets have been blessed by the excellent turn-by-turn Navigation app that comes with Google Maps, but now Google has added a stop-by-stop public transport arm to the app. Google Transit Navigation for Android features in-depth bus and train information for over 400 cities around the world

iOS app news: Sky Go apps will be here in time for footy season
After rebranding its on-the-go offering as Sky Go this week, the broadcaster says that the Sky Go iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps will arrive before the football season starts in mid-August. Existing subscribers will get upto five sports channels, while non-subscribers can sign up to use the service also.

iPhone app news: Are you smarter than an ape?
It's a question we've often posed to close friends and family members, but are you ready to take the challenge yourself? To promote the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie, you'll be subjected to a memory test, that apes are apparently pretty good at, in order to surmise whether you're actually smarter than our primate pals.

iPad app news: Bing adds Lasso copy and paste feature
Copying and pasting text using the iPad isn't exactly the most fluent of experiences, so Microsoft has come to the rescue with an innovative, erm... innovation for its Bing app. The new Lasso feature for Bing allows you to copy and paste simply by freehand drawing around the section of text you want to harness.

Windows Phone app news: App Marketplace now boasts 25,000
The Windows Phone platform seems to be gaining a little momentum of late, and this week the OS passed the 25,000 app market. The App Marketplace still lags quite a long way behind iPhone and Android, but the signs are good that future WP7 users won't be put off by an empty app cabinet.

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iPhone app review: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
"Lara Croft’s most recent outings have recaptured the magic of the early Tomb Raider games, and Guardian of Light is a particularly satisfying chapter in her story – provided you can ignore a few irksome technical issues," says our reviewer. With levels rich in detail and thoroughly puzzling, you don't want to miss out on Lara's small screen adventure.

Android app review: Basic Instructions
Ever felt like receiving some basic life tips but don’t fancy listening to any of those self-righteous day-time talk show hosts, or David Cameron? Then you might want to try some enlightenment In the form of an irreverent comic strip turned Android app. Basic Instructions for Android is a humorous, web-classic you have to try.

iPad app review: On The Way To Woodstock
Are you a huge hippie who needs to rekindle memories of the Summer of Love in 1969? Then this coffee-table iPad app is perfect for you. On The Way To Woodstock features an in-depth look at the most famous music festival of all time and according to our reviewer is "a rich journey of discovery," man.