App week: Google Music for iPhone, Facebook iOS update

Plus: The latest iOS and Android reviews

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...

iPhone app news: Facebook overhauls iOS app
Facebook has made some long-awaited changes to its app for iPhone and iPod touch. There's a new profile design as well as the ability to tag friends in posts and places. It's also easier to share external links. Sadly for iPad owners, there's still no sign of that mythical Facebook for iPad app.

iOS app news: Music Beta by Google arrives through web app
As Apple prepares to launch iTunes Match, Google has given its own cloud music locker a platform on iOS devices. Music Beta by Google now has a web app, accessible through the Safari browser. The interface is slick and attractive and while Music Beta remains free to invited users, it's definitely worth a try.

iPhone app news: Viz Profanisaurus curses its way onto iOS
Britain's legendary swearing dictionary the Viz Profanisaurus has arrived on the iPhone, skirting Apple's strict rules on adult content. If you ever wanted to know the real meaning behind "Darth Vader's hat-stand" or Zipper Zeppelin" then grab this app and allow hilarity to prevail

iPhone app news: Foody app is like Foursquare but for healthy eating
Sticking to a diet can be hard work, but when you can earn rewards and lord victories over your friends then it becomes something moderately entertaining. The Foozy app for iPhone will calculate your daily intake and give you advice on what you need to work on.


Android app review Chord! (Guitar chord finder)
We're a little bit iOS-heavy on news this week, so let's kick the reviews off with a five-star Android corker. This app is a digital gateway to every guitar chord in existence, complete with diagrams of how to finger it, and a sample sound to measure your own technique against. There's also an awesome reverse chord search allowing you to add in the tablature and the app will tell you its name. Chord! for Android review

iPhone app review: Grow Your Own
Rest assured, this app isn't going to require you to turn your loft into a cannabis factory, it's all quite legal. The Grow Your Own app from the Royal Horticultural Society offers a guide to producing your own produce from planting the seeds to reaping the rewards come harvest time. With the price of groceries escalating, there's never been a better time to grow your own.

iPad app news: War Pinball
Pinball games are yet another medium the iPad lends it to more than its smaller screen counterpart. Perhaps the best pinball wizard out there at the moment is the movie-themed War Pinball for iPad There's a host of complex tables, the pick of the bunch being a 3D Chuck Norris 'Missing in Action' playing environment.