App Week: Google Drive official, new Angry Birds Space levels

Plus: Spotify working on online radio? Microsoft to launch Woodstock streaming app?

In another busy week for app news, Spotify and Microsoft could be about to enhance their musical range, while Google has finally launched its cloud storage platform

Google Drive launches with 5GB of free storage
The long-awaited cloud storage solution from Google is here, bringing 5G of free storage for all users. The Android app will allow you to view, access, edit and save your stored documents and files, while instantly syncing any changes back to drive. Photos can be instantly uploaded and those on Google+ can be instantly backed up.

Spotify 'working on online radio app'
The days of not being able to hear certain bands on Spotify could soon be over, with reports that Spotify is working on an online radio app, which would create artist based stations, yet remove the choice of individual songs. The upshot is the licensing fees for radio are much lower, meaning the likes of Metallica, The Beatles, Coldplay and Adele could soon be available.

Meanwhile, Microsoft planning to battle Spotify
Spotify's potential to move into the online radio arena wasn't the only big streaming news this week. Speculation is rife that Microsoft will launch a new music service at E3, which would encompass the existing Zune service and an iTunes Match-like feature, which would scan your own music collection and make it available over the cloud.

Rovio adds 10 new levels to Angry Birds Space
Rovio has never been shy of giving Angry Birds downloaders a little extra value for money, and the newest addition to the stable is no different. The Finnish company has added ten new levels to the Angry Birds Space title in the form of a 'Fry me to the moon' update. Get slingin'.

Full Skype for Windows Phone app launches
Microsoft has removed the Beta tag from its Skype application, bringing the full official version to Windows Phone. However, the app won't let you accept calls in the background and will often cut calls when new notifications hit your phone. However, the app will let you make calls over 3G and Wi-Fi.


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Android App Review: Llama
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Windows Phone App Review: Pocket Recorder
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