App week: GarageBand review, Tiger 12 lands early

Also: Angry Birds Rio lands on Android in UK

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


By-pass FaceTime with Qik for iPhone
Fed-up with only being able to video chat using FaceTime on the iPhone? Well Qik has come to the rescue with an app that allows live video streaming onto the web and video calls to anyone with a Qik account across platforms. Could this be the start of Apple opening up video calling to apps like Skype?

Angry Birds Rio lands on the Android Market
The UK Android blackout is over and the latest Angry Birds installment has arrived on the Android Market. After a week or so of Amazon Appstore exclusivity (which is currently US-only), the ad-funded, free version of Rio is available to all UK Android owners. Warm up the catapults and take aim...

Tiger Woods 12 gets pre-console launch for iOS
EA Sports' top franchises have made a massive splash on the iPhone and iPad so it's no real surprise to see Tiger Woods 12 hit the App Store before it's available for consoles. Adding new golfers, courses and improved graphics, PGA Tour 12 also introduces new game modes with the ‘Tiger Challenge’ to see gamers complete over 20 mini-game challenges in order to earn in-game currency required to enter the tour.

Android Market gets in-app purchases
Google has gone live with its in-app purchasing functionality for Android apps, which Apple has been doing since September. Apps like TapTap Revenge 4 have already added bonus content. Naturally Google is taking a 30 per cent for all bonus content too


App of the Week | GarageBand for iPad
Apple's music creation suite arrives on the iPad
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The best iPad app on the planet
GarageBand was announced with the iPad 2 on March 2nd and almost stole the show. This is quite simply the best application for the iPad yet. With virtual instruments you need no experience to play, the chance to plug in your guitar and record and lay down an eight-track song for the reasonable price of just £2.99, creating a musical masterpiece has never been easier.

TED: Learn something cool every single day
Yes, yes, we know you love Angry Birds, but you can't allow dominating piggies to take over every second of your smartphone. So next time you're on the bus to work, check out TED mobile. The app gives experts from around the world 20 minutes to explain why their chosen topic is important to the world, and we think they're worth a listen. Do that once a day and wow your mates down the pub with amazing facts. THEN, you can get back to harvesting pigs.

Feed your online gaming addiction...
Live Holdem Poker Pro is a damn good place to start if you're looking to branch out into the smartphone betting arena. There's an infinite free option, which will prevent you from losing cash, but there's a micro-payment approach which is an insurance against losing your dough to buy virtual coins. Read our Live Hold Em Poker review

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