App Week: Facebook App Center, Apple's new Maps app

Plus: Temple Run and Google Currents for Android reviewed and rated

In this week's round-up, we've got news of Facebook's new app store and details of how to get your hands on Flipboard for Android. There's also a host of new reviews from the T3 App Chart.

Facebook announces App Center discovery tool
Finding your favourite Facebook-integrated apps is going to be much easier on the social network thanks to the new App Center plans. Facebook will have a personalised chart for each user, featuring the top-apps most suited to them. The likes of Spotify, Pinterest, Flixster and more are all on-board with dedicated app detail pages.

Flipboard for Android leaks out, can be downloaded now
Last week's Samsung Galaxy S3 launch saw T3's App of the Year Flipboard appear on the Android platform for the first times. Ahead of an official release later this summer, one developer has ripped the APK from a Galaxy S3 handset and posted the perfectly functioning Flipboard for Android app for all to download. With rumours this was set to be an S3-exclusive initially, it's a good chance for everyone else to get in on the act.

City Lens Augmented Reality app his Lumia phones
Nokia's range of Lumia Windows Phones has another exclusive app straight from the Nokia Beta Labs, with the City Lens Augmented Reality app. This attractive and functional app, like many before it, allows users to point their camera down the street and see all of the nearby restaurants, shops, museums, services and points of interest.

Snapchat helps you get away with sexting
If you've ever sent a risque picture of yourself to a potential lover, you'll know that the feeling of exhilaration is soon replaced by sheer panic and unbridled paranoia. Snapchat for iPhone allows users to exchange pictures while predetermining how long a recipient can see the picture for. Once that time expires the picture will disappear forever. If they try and take a screengrab, you'll be notified.

Google Maps to be replaced by 'in-house' Apple solution
Speculation is rife that Apple plans to cast aside Google Maps with its own mapping solution when it launches iOS 6, presumably at WWDC next month. Reports suggest Apple has almost completed work on own offering, which will offer an 'incredible 3D mode' and a built-in replacement for Street View.


This column is quite often dominated by the iOS big hitters, so lets have a look what's been happening on Android in the last couple of weeks...

Android App Review: Official Euro 2012
With this summer's European Championships just a month away, UEFA has launched an official app for Android to keep you abreast of the tournament's goings on. This will be more useful for those heading out to Poland and Ukraine as there's plenty of information about the stadiums, fanzones and travel information on how to get to the games. Read our Euro 2012 for Android review.

Android App Review: Temple Run
A bona fide iOS classic, Temple Run arrives on the Google Play store with quite a reputation to uphold. The premise is simple. You're looking to escape a temple, Indy-style, and you're being chased down by hoards of zombie monkeys to keep ahead of them you have to time your jumps and avoid hitting the walls, which slows you down and makes you undead primate fodder.

Android App Review: Google Currents
Google Currents came to the UK with a reputation as a Flipboard copycat, but the search giant's interpretation is very much its own. With specially created digital editions from a host of the web's top content providers (The Guardian, Huff Post...) it represents a more smartphone/tablet friendly way to keep up with your favourite sites. It'll also bring in your own RSS and Google+ feeds, while allowing you to keep an eye on what's trending on the web.