App Week: Facebook launches integrated Spotify app

Plus: Instagram photo app gets a revamp

Every weekend we bring you the biggest app news from the previous seven days as well as the latest reviews from all platforms from the T3 App Chart. With big news from Facebook and a real contender to Safari on iPad headlining the week, let's get cracking...

Facebook app news: Facebook goes app crazy at f8
The social networking giant announced a host of integrated apps in a bid to become a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. You can now play and share Spotify tracks from within, while US users will get Netflix and Hulu integration. The Daily Mirror and The Guardian are also among partners bringing social news apps to the site.

iPhone app news: Instagram 2.0 launches with hi-res pics
Instagram users can now snap and share photos at three times the resolution of the first version of the app. The massively popular sharing tool boasts 1936 x 1936 resolution pics, while adding filters is 200 times faster than before. There's also a brand new interfacee and four new filters for you to play with.

iPad app apps: Telegraph Weekly edition comes to the rescue of ex-pats
The Daily Telegraph has launched a version of its Telegraph Weekly edition for the Apple iPad. The 'paper is aimed at UK residents abroad and focuses on the top news, sport and features from the week. It also features the interactive crossword and Matt and Alex cartoons

iPhone app news: Runnin' Rugby adds to World Cup fever
Stephen Fry's company SamFry has launched an app featuring one of the stars of the Australian rugby team, Drew Mitchell. It's your task to help Drew avoid tackles of marauding New Zealanders who are out to cripple you. Alternatively, if you're an England fan you could play "see how badly you can injure the Aussie."


iPad app review: Dolphin Browser HD
If you're bored of the iPad's Safari browser then this free alternative is definitely a walk on the wild side. Dolphin allows you to navigate around the web by drawing a series of gestures on the screen. ">", for example, will take you forward a page, while you can customise gestures to have a "T" take you to Read our Dolphin Browser HD app review

iPhone app review: Napster
Tackling Spotify isn't an easy task, but Napster has created a superior app while offering the same price plans as its rival. You'll need to pay a tenner a month for mobile access, but for that you can access the app on your phone. The only problem is the sound quality. At just 64Kbps, the tracks pale in comparison to the 320Kbps offered by Spotify.

Android app review: Gamefly
There aren't many better ways to try a game without splashing out forty quid than the excellent GameFly rental service. The free app offers a 15 day trial to GameFly, while allowing you to manage your rental queue. It's also comes packing a great built-in news service from Shacknews and there's all the games trailers and screenshots you could manage.